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CyclonicPrism one of Capsule Computers community members wanted to share this unfortunate incident with all of us, and make sure it doesnt happen to any one of you.  


Following recent misfortunes I’ve had on certain online games, I would like to take this opportunity for those PC gamers out there to take note. I’ve been playing World Of Warcraft for quite some time now and recently downloaded a few addons for the game. 

The truth of the matter is, and you may not be aware of this. Even though you think its safe to be running these addons on your computer they are potential goldmines for people wanting to infect your computer with a virus. ( Keylogger ) 

If you gamers out there don’t know what this is then here is a brief description.  Keyloggers are small programs invisibly installed on a computer that record all keyboard input. An attacker can use this to (eg) record passwords. 

So whilst you’re thinking that the addons might be great for any game not just the one in  question, but be warned that there are people out there intentionally trying to gain your personal information and steal your accounts/money or any other details. 

What I would suggest for you guys to get round this problem is to make sure that all your anti-virus software is up to date , run regular system scans of your computer to check for these malicious and devastating programs. 

I hope that this will be of some help to PC gamers out there and that you will continue to enjoy playing =) Have fun and play safe. 


Let us know if this sort of missfortune has happened to you in the past.  If so tell us about it.  Leave a comment below 

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  • PlayingMantis

    This is especially of concern for people using free antivirus…even most of the best free AV programs have low scores when it comes to detecting or preventing keyloggers.

    I read several reviews on, and while the reviewer doesn’t weight keyloggers heavily, I doubt he has taken gamers into account. More likely he is thinking of average web surfers/office users.

  • Andrenekoi

    It’s dangerous downloading these kind of files (game addons) without checking if its a good source, and the addon need to have a good reputation too.

    When talking about protection, one thing i think it’s better than an antivirus is a good firewall, even if in this case it wouldn’t have helped, but a firewall can protect your computer in many ways.

  • Addons for wow CAN’T run keyloggers. On the other hand if you are trying hacks, cracks. cheats or bots you can get yourself in real trouble if you can’t determine without an AV program if an executable can be virus/trojan/keylogger or not so unless you know how to do that you better stay away from such programs regardless of the AV software you are using …

  • Ty

    Cheap antivirus can be a concern as well. We were hacked, once, some years back. DH was an avid Soldier of Fortune player. Someone got into our system but our tech guy handled it 😉

  • frankcastle66

    i am glad i am not into WoW

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