Socom 4 is official

Playstation 3

Jeremy Dunham, the senior community manager at Zipper interactive has officially announced the development of Socom 4 exclusively for the PS3.

Click here to see the full announcement.

Click here to visit Zipper Interactive.

Who is looking forward to this game? I wish the best shooting games weren’t PS3 exclusives.

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  • Mark

    Darn! Looks like us Xbox players miss out 🙁

  • Andrenekoi

    I think both systems are well served on this genre, i would like to see Sony announcing something different next time.

  • Ty

    “I wish the best shooting games weren’t PS3 exclusives.”
    I agree here, as I don’t have a PS3.

  • Shane Dickson (OregonSlacker)

    Good infantry game from past series, altho tbh AI & Squad tactics I always thought were lacking. but that being said I was always amazed with the environment, so I’m eager to see where this one leads us!

  • PlayingMantis

    I think SOCOM is what Activision is wanting to take the Call of Duty franchise towards, at least as a spin-off, with Sledgehammer Games.

  • Well to be honest I’m not a big fan of Socom so even though I won’t be able to get this I don’t really care.

  • frankcastle66

    i wish this was for xbox but i also have a ps3 so i shall be getting this 🙂

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