Metro 2033 Title Update info (Xbox 360)

Xbox 360

For those of you who have been enjoying Metro 2033, you probably noticed a title update that caused you to lose some playing time.

Don’t get too mad though, because this update was mandatory in order to enable future DLC to be added to the game. According to the Metro 2033 Facebook page. It will not be Single Player Narrative levels, nor missing levels. They also said that it will not be multiplayer because that is not possible.

Any Ideas on what DLC could possibly be planned?

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  • LeperMessiah43

    Maybe guns, this game looks pretty sweet

  • frankcastle66

    hmmmm maybe…new weapons?

  • frankcastle66

    wow i didnt see lepers comment when i posted mine…lemme see new costumes? .. lol there we go

  • skull_x_man

    what else could it be rather than weapons/costumes/or something else…or maybe they’ll add avatar gear.

  • versapak

    Yeah, I’m gonna have to agree with others. It will most likely be new weapons or costumes.

  • It’s a shame it won’t be any more single player levels.

  • Andrenekoi

    I think it’s weapons too.

  • Ty

    Weapons, possibly costumes?

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