MasterAbbott makes an appearance on the Xbox 360 My Community Dashboard

Xbox 360

G’day Everyone !! MasterAbbott has made an appearance on the U.S. Xbox 360 My Community Dashboard Tab on Xbox Live.  If you live in the U.S tab over to the My Community tab whilst logged on to XBOX Live  and check out MasterAbbott.  MasterAbbott would like to say a VERY BIG thank you to the XBOX Community team, especially Xbox Live Community Manager TRIXIE360 for being on Xbox Gamer Spotlight and now appearing on the My Community Dashboard on everyone’s XBOX 360 in the U.S.A 🙂

Also BIG BIG thanks to everyone that has sent MasterAbbott a friends request and messages 🙂  He will try and reply back to everyone one of you and also do his best to add as many of you as he possibly can to his friends list.  At the moment his Friends list is kinda getting a bit full right about now 😉

Once again thank to everyone.  The XBOX LIVE Community is the best community in the world !! Lets keep it that way by Playing Fair, Having Fun and Being COOL !! 🙂

P.S : If anyone knows if Summer Glau has a xbox gamertag … shoot MasterAbbott a message via xbox live or email him at  as he’d really love to meet her !! 😉 hahaha

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