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Capsule Computers recently spoke to and interviewed Microsoft Xbox Live Community Manager Trixie360. 

Trixie does a fantastic job at running and maintaining the Xbox Live Community.  Capsule Computers would like to thank Trixe for taking the time from her busy schedule in answering these questions about herself and what she does over at Xbox Live. 

Interview with Trixie360:

Capsule Computers : What does an Xbox Live Community Manager do ?

Trixie : My job is to help our community members have a great time on Xbox LIVE. I create events and programming for them to participate in (like Xbox All-Nighter, Music Monday, Family Game Night etc), let people (in the US) know about upcoming contests and programs on my weekly Inside Xbox show (on hiatus while I’m on maternity leave). GamerchiX and Xbox Ambassadors are also my programs.

Capsule Computers : Walk us through a day in the office as a Community Manager at Xbox Live.

Trixie : Each day is filled with meetings, emails, planning and writing. Here are some of the things I do each week:

A new Xbox LIVE Arcade game is coming out in a month, and the XBLA team wants to muster up excitement about their game so they come to me for help getting the community involved. So I add the game to an upcoming Arcade Afternoon, work with them to set up a Game with Developer, and see if it would work for Family Game Night, Ladies Night or one of our other weekly programs.

Working with my producer Johnny to come up with ideas and scripts for Community Close-Up and Xbox 101, scheduling a shoot, doing on-camera work, reviewing the video before it goes live.

Interviewing community members for the Gamer Spotlight.

Giving away XBLA codes on Twitter.

Planning a seasonal promotion (like Halloween or Mothers Day). Figuring out what games To include. Do I have a good mix of hot new games and some old favourites so everyone can participate even if they can’t afford to buy the newest games. Working with the art team to get a great design that’s eye-catching and will work on both the website and the dashboard. Planning events to coincide with the promotion. Seeing if there are movies to tie in with the theme. Begging marketing for prizes to give away 😉

Posting about upcoming events (maybe a Game with Fame session or Frag Doll Friday) on the Xbox Voices blog.

Programming the Community channel of the Planning out what articles/promotions will go in what place on the home page. Making sure that old content or expired contests come off the page and are replaced with fresh content.

Finding communities to host Community Playdates. Getting them scheduled, getting their logo and bio, getting the promotional page built.

A few times a year I will appear on a panel or speak to groups or give interviews. Last year I was on three community panels at PAX, spoke to some visiting Girl Scouts, and was interviewed by our local TV news and Radio Disney about safe gaming online.

And of course I eat lunch, surf the web, IM with friends and drink a lot of Diet Coke J

Capsule Computers : What are some of the highlights of working at Xbox Live ?

Trixie : Big highlights have been launching Xbox LIVE back in 2002, covering Zero Hour (the launch of Xbox 360 in a warehouse in the Mojave Desert), Xbox LIVE’s five year anniversary, the NXE launch, travelling all over the world covering the World Cyber Games. Having an article on GamerchiX appear on the front page of the Los Angeles Times business section. Covering the Imagine Cup finals in Paris and having the privilege to meet college students using Microsoft technology to help the save the planet. Really there are SO many highlights. It’s been seven years of great fun and amazing opportunities.

Capsule Computers : What have been your biggest challenges working as a Community Manager at Xbox Live ?

Trixie : We had some staffing reductions about six months ago that halved my team. Doing less work isn’t really an option, so we just work harder and longer.

Also challenging is dealing with some of the people in the community. It takes all kinds of people to make a world and some of them are just mean. It’s really hard to see a few jerks try to ruin others’ experience.

Capsule Computers : What’s the full story behind your gamertag : Trixie 360 ?

Trixie : “TriXie” has been my nom de plume (or nom de web, I guess) since Xbox LIVE launched. I chose it because it has an X for Xbox in it. When Xbox 360 launched I changed it to trixie360. I even got it tattooed on my ankle.

Capsule Computers : How long have you been at Xbox / Microsoft and what’s your Xbox 360 Tenure number ?

Trixie : I’ve been working at Xbox for 7 years. My Tenure is 3.

Capsule Computers : Who has been the most interesting / famous person you have interviewed ?

Trixie : I’ve interviewed lots of semi-famous people: Benji and Joel Madden, Willis McGahee, Duffy were some of the recent ones. The celebrities I most enjoyed interviewing The Presidents of the United States of America at a Rock the Vote event. Celebs aren’t that exciting to me though. I much prefer interviews with regular members of the community.

Capsule Computers : How many people in your team work in the Xbox Live community ?  Do you work alone or is it a team effort.

Trixie : Right now the team is myself and KP, but there are many people who contribute to community that have other job titles. For instance Stepto is in charge of policy and enforcement, but is deeply involved in community. There are a lot of people who do community stuff because they love it, not because they get paid to do it.

Capsule Computers  : What do you believe is Xbox 360’s most popular game for the community ?

Trixie : Rock Band has been an incredible community-building game simply because it’s so easy to jump in and play. And even if you suck it’s still fun. Gears of War’s co-op play was also a great community builder, especially for female gamers. I have had my best community gaming from playing Scene It: Box Office Smash and Bomberman LIVE!

Capsule Computers : Trixie 360 is also a member of the GamerchiX.  Tell us a little about the Gamerchix and what they do ?

Trixie : GamerchiX is a social group for female gamers that myself, DirtyDiva, and PMS Kitty formed three years ago. We wanted to create a safe haven for girls to get their game on without being hit on or being annoyed with sexist remarks. We also feel very strongly that women should respect themselves and all other women. There are no “mean girls” or drama in GamerchiX. We’ve now got over 10,000 members in 32 countries, and we’ve decided to put that power to use for good with the formation of Xbox GivingChiX-our charitable giving initiative. Kiki kat and KilaM0Mjaro are spearheading the effort. We’re just getting started, but look for news on us from PAX.

Capsule Computers : Do you think that Xbox Live Community is making gaming more widely available for women ?  What measures are they taking in doing so ?

Trixie : Gaming has always been ‘available’ to women. And women have been playing casual games since they began. What you’re seeing more of now is women playing hardcore video games. The games haven’t changed, it’s just becoming socially acceptable to play them. As for what Xbox is doing: see GamerchiX 😉

Capsule Computers : What are your thoughts on seniors playing Xbox 360 games ? How do you get grandparents interested in Xbox 360 games so they can play with their grandchildren ?

Trixie : Getting older people to play video games is easy or tough depending on how tech-friendly they are. If you can’t get Grandpa to touch a computer, it’s unlikely he’s going to feel comfortable playing Halo 3 on Xbox 360. I don’t think you can MAKE anyone be interested in anything. All you can do is give them the opportunity to try new things. I bought my mom an Xbox 360 and she plays arcade games and Viva Pinata. But she will never be an FPS player… it’s just not interesting to her at all. So my advice is: introduce grandparents to things they already like and are familiar with. Try board or card games and see how that goes. If they enjoy that, ease them into new games with a similar feel.

Capsulle Computers : What is your favourite Xbox 360 game ?

Trixie : Zuma Deluxe.

Capsule Computers : And Finally .. What do you love most about your Job ?

The people I’ve met!


Capsule Computers would once again like to thank Trixie360 for her time in answering these questions for all her fans and Xbox live members around the world.

I have included some of the links that Trixie is associated to.

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