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It seems some people were not happy with how the last weekly competition turned out. I must apologize in advance, for some of you may not understand how the winner is picked and we should have explained it to you in more depth.

So I have taken the time to explain how the winner is chosen.

The overall selection is based on a random drawing, since we have many active users and it isn’t fair for the people who work and have kids to be left out just because they can’t retweet every tweet or comment on every single article on the site.

The random drawing is self explanatory, but what everyone needs to know is how you gain entries into this drawing. As you know there are many ways to gain entries: Retweet, comment, post on the forums. I will proceed to explain what gains entries and how many entries they gain.

Retweeting – 1 entry every time you retweet an article.
Commenting – 1 to 3 entries based on the length and substance of the comment.
Creating Forum Posts – 1 to 5 entries based on the substance (Reviews whose links are emailed to ‘’ automatically gain 5 entries.
Replying to Forum Posts – 1to 3 entries based on length and substance of the reply.

The last contest drawing was based on this algorithm, and I clearly should’ve  explained it in more depth. Those of you who cannot regular participate will have a chance, while more participation greatly increases your odds of winning.

Finally to win you must be registered on the site !! REGISTER HERE.  If you have FACEBOOK you can also follow us on that.  This too will increase your chances to win as well.

Any questions send me an email at :


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  • I don’t understand how I missed out when I retweeted everything, commented on everything posted 180 times and wrote a review but at least this still sheds some light on this.

  • I think it is a great way to pick the winners. I didn’t comment last week or tweet as much…so I didn’t and shouldn’t expect to win. I mean some effort needs to be given. I think your doing a great job!

  • Shane Dickson (OregonSlacker)

    in the end it’s random, and thanks to Capsule Computers, the staff and their sponsors for the giveaways..

  • Yeah at least now it’s nice to know I don’t need to post nearly as much as I was.

  • frankcastle66

    i thought it was for the most active person like it said…my bad

  • In the end guys we all want everyone to actually show a REAL interest in the site and the services we provide to the Gaming Community … we dont want everyone coming just because we are giving away GAMES.

    We want everyone to appreciate the information and news we share out to the world. The Crew here at Capsule Computers work VERY hard to do this and we want to continue to do so. AND As a added bonus we reward the Community for being themselves.

    Thank you


  • frankcastle66

    its cool man i dont only come here for the contests anyways i love the site it was just i was upset because you guys had said it was for the most active but i know its random now so its all good

  • EliteTechr

    yeh guys i didnt know there were prizes i was just in for the fun of it plus it was in australia which had an awsome connection so thanks to duraroc, kingroc and masterabbott for putting it up on the community play night.


    • We glad u enjoy the site for the site and not just for the give away 🙂 We also have another Modern Warfare Playdate coming up VERY SOON its been approved by Microsoft 😉 so keep checking Duraroc will be posting up information on it…. and MasterAbbott will be getting some cool prizes for the night .. its gonna be bigger and better this time around 🙂

  • skull_x_man

    This giveaway seem to be the problem. maybe you should just stop giving stuff for a time and see if the community shares the same interest in the site. I said everything i had to say in the “Winners” post so no point in explaining here also.

  • EliteTechr

    i think u should after this

  • Elitetechr

    Awsome im so there do u no when?

  • I do have a genuine interest in the site but in this weeks winners article it said that they were excluding posts that were along the lines of “Wow this is cool I will check this out” but that’s exactly what one of the winners did…

  • It was never said that we are excluding those posts. Posts like the one you mentioned are simply weighed less. If you go back and read this weeks winners you will see that it says that 3 of those shorter posts are worth 1 longer post.

    As seen above, Commenting is worth 1 to 3 entries based on the length and substance of the comment. All (non spam) comments are worth at least 1 entry.

  • frankcastle66

    well pj i thought it said it didn’t exclude them it just gave you less points for them for the drawing but i could be wrong

  • PlayingMantis

    This actually seems like a pretty good system. Even people who aren’t 100% active have a chance to win.

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