Capsule Computers Weekly Competition Winners (3-19-10)

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MasterAbbott decided to be lazy this week and gave the staff the honor of picking the weekly winners (all the news he has been doing as well as 2 retail reviews has nothing to do with it!)

We have examined the data, and have added some more criteria this time around. Read the extra Criteria as well as the winners below.

Want to learn more about this weekly contest click this link:

This week we have chosen 5 lucky winners  !! These winners have REGISTERED as members on Capsule Computers, RT’d our articles on twitter, they have commented on the articles on the site and have taken a genuine interest in being an active member of the Capsule Computers Community which is now starting to grow bigger and bigger each day !!

This week the staff has decided to pay particular attention to the comments you guys are making. We didn’t only look to see if you were commenting but we also looked at the length and the substance that your comments contained.

here’s an example of what I am talking about.
3 comments that say something like: “Looks good mate! I’ll be getting this”
is equal to 1 comment that say something like: “This game looks very interesting, I enjoyed how they kept the roots of the genre alive. EA really knows what they are doing at it, and in my opinion they should never stop”

Here are the lucky 5 winners !! In order :

1) Versapak
2) Skull_x_Man
3) frankcastle66
4) Ty
5) LeperMessiah43

If you are one of these lucky winners you will be receiving an email shortly (within 24hours) to let you know what you have won :)


  1. Perfect Dark for the XBLA (Thanks to Microsoft for Providing the Prize)
  2. An Amazon Gif Voucher
  3. Bioshock 2 dlc (Thanks to 2k Games)
  4. Steam Powered PC Game
  5. Something cool 😉

That’s this weeks Community Competition out of the way.  Next week is a brand new week for everyone!

ALSO we have the Fishpond & Capsule Computers MEGA Competition.  Make sure you enter this one to go into the running to win either Halo ODST, Modern Warfare 2 or Eye PET.  This is a cool competition check it out here.

You can still grab MAD DEALS over at Fishpond in their MARCH MADNESS Promotion !! Amazing prizes on games and consoles : Check it out here :

FINALLY !! We mentioned this last week and at the end of this month (MARCH) we will be introducing a new monthly competition called :

Capsule Computers 8bit Warrior Award

This will go to the most active member of the Capsule Computers Community for the month.  Someone that has REGISTERED as a member and is also following Capsule Computers on FACEBOOK, RT’s our twitters, Comments on our articles, posts in the forums, contributes by writing community reviews on games etc.  That lucky person will a FULL RETAIL GAME !!! on either XBOX, PLAYSTATION, NINTENDO WII or PC (game will be chosen by Capsule Computers randomly)

Well  thats it for now !! Congrats to all the lucky winners above and make sure you all continue to keep as active as possible on Capsules Computers :)

  • I personally believe that the majority of my comments were what you wanted and not just “looks good, I’ll be getting this”… In fact if I recall properly thats exactly what Ty does when he/she says “i’ll pass this on”

    Oh well it’s your competition and I respect your judgement.

  • versapak

    Thank you.

    NES pad in hand… 8 Bit Warrior here I come. 🙂

  • frankcastle66

    i was under the impression that my over 200 posts in the forums would count for something…. i must have been mistaken because the first and second people didn’t even post once in there

  • Yeah I hate to complain but I wrote a review and everything.. It’s a real turn off to invest so much time into a site and then people that check it one every every other day take priority…

  • LeperMessiah43

    i dont get it…what did i win?

  • Shane Dickson (OregonSlacker)

    Great job and thanks the giveaway, much appreciated by the gaming community..

    and for those that didn’t win there’s always next week, I don’t see any reason for all the complaining, to win games in addition to reading and writing about games that I love..

    Good luck next time and most importantly have fun!!

  • skull_x_man

    Weird how some of the users that won last week were all “oh thank you you’re doing such a great job, amazing site etc”, and now they start complaining. No, don’t be under the impression that i would have done the same, this site deserves the same amount of popularity and respect even if it didn’t offer any weekly prizes. Thank and good luck

  • frankcastle66

    skull i may have won last week but i also joined last week and i wasnt complaining i was simply confused about how the winner was picked it thought it was done completly different from the way it actually is and i understand that now i wasnt even upset i was just confused because i had all those forums posts and i did a review and was number 3 and i hadent seen the top 2 post anytihng on the forum but now i know its just entries and that its random in the end and this doesnt bother me at all because when it comes down to it i am here to read information about the things i enjoy and have an all around good time with other people like me and the contest is just something added that makes the entire experience more fun winning or not so to anyone who didnt win better luck next week….. i am interested in seeing what leper got lol because it just says “something cool” maybe he will post in the forums about it

  • LeperMessiah43

    master abbot has yet to email me back…its been almost 2 days

  • PlayingMantis

    There should be some sort of televised competition for the 8-bit warrior award. I’m thinking something like the Fred Savage movie “The Wizard”…you definitely need a big stage with lots of TVs. And PowerGloves.

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