Breach hopes to release this summer for $15

Xbox 360

Atomic Games’ president Peter Tamte has revealed that he hopes to get Breach on XBLA this summer and that the developer is targeting to release it for $15.

Breach Details:
Atomic Games’ Breach is a first-person, multiplayer shooter that is expected to be released this summer. The game mixes a cover system with destructible environments, and allows players to see their handiwork on walls, floors, ceilings and even single bricks.

Breach features four classes (five after mastering two classes), an experience points system to purchase gadgets, four maps, four game types, 23 weapons and more.

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This could be competition for BF:1943… but you could never replace that right?

  • skull_x_man

    Honestly…don’t people get sick of FPS? There are so many FPS titles out there i can’t even count,but a decent Adventure game hasn’t been released for years. I’m talkin about Monkey Island/ The Longest Journey/ Syberia etc. Are people these days so caught up in killing stuff that they forgot the pleasure of listening to a really good story? But hey…just my opinion

  • frankcastle66

    uncharted isnt just a shooter its also an adventure game to a point but there are a lot of shooters and i dont mind it

  • Andrenekoi

    I’m really tired of FPS too, i like the genre, but there’s a lot already for this gen, so many boring and generic FPS games. And nearly all of them follows the same pattern of easy check points, health system, cliche story, repetitive gameplay, brown colors, and looks like any game these days needs multiplayer.

    I just stay with the best ones, those with betters story and creativity, like the ones from Valve.

  • Although I know where you guys are coming from, I hope they don’t just stop making FPS. Overalll they are my most enjoyed type of game this gen due to online play and I hope they don’t go anywhere.

    And Breach definitely looks to be competition for Battlefield, but only time can tell.

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