Microsoft reponds to the cheaters on MW2!!

Xbox 360

Finally, MS has responded to the cheaters in MW2.  The Prestige boosters out there, watch out, you will get caught and you will be banned, then you can go cry to mummy.

Check out this article on the official Xbox forums – which has a link to the following:-

“People who have obtained prestige illegitimately, will be given suspensions.  People soliciting other people to gain prestige (whether for free, or for points) will be permanently suspended.”

To all those users who are attempting to play MW2 without cheating, please have faith.  Hang in there, because the cheaters are being caught and the game will be patched.

p.s., it doesn’t matter if you gained 10th prestige, 2nd, or 1st: illegitimate game play = suspension”

Now I hope they extend this to the Care Package cheaters, as Prestige rank does not affect gameplay.  I seriously don’t know why anyone would want to pay to get to 10th Prestige.  It’s only a title, and I actually think the symbol for 10th Prestige is a little dull.

Looking further on in the article “The Pro” actually bans someone who stupidly posted on the forums – – I laughed for a very long time over this one.

That’s it from me now, glad MS are actually doing something about it.. but.. IW/MS please patch this stuff as soon as you can.


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