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Ladies and Gentlemen, Capsule Computers would like to share a special article written especially for us by freelance editor, Scott Bullock.  Scott will be throwing his opinions around on the latest video games from time to time and this is one he has shared with us today.

Ok, so as most of you probably know, EA has announced that they plan to release a new and updated Medal of Honor game. Oh, and it is now apparently going to be set, not in WWII, as any good Medal of Honor should be, but in modern times. So, let me get this straight; you are updating a classic WWII game and setting it’s WARFARE in MODERN times? Where have I heard that before…

Oh yeah.

“But,” I thought, “this can’t be right. No one could really expect us to buy the exact same game we already played. No one could be so despicable that they would totally rip off another developer’s game, right?” Then I remembered that this is EA we’re talking about.

I can believe it.

But in all honesty, why do they have to set these games in the present? I’ve played enough games where all I do is shoot swarthy people in turbans. Where did the days of cappin’ NAZIS (say it like Brad Pitt from Inglourious Basterds) with an M1 go? Why can’t I fight Hitler anymore? Sure, World at War gave me a little Nazi fighting fun, but mostly you fight the Japanese.

And if you are going to make another WWII shooter, why not try something new? Say, break out of the standard linear level progression, and try something a little more open world? That could be… interesting. Imagine if Rockstar Games made a WWII game. You’d probably just end up jacking Panzers and running over French hookers.

Now THAT’s a game.

Check out MOH Video Trailer below


Let us know what you thought of this article by Scott.  Leave a comment below.   If we get enough comments, I might send out a free game to one of you 😉


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  • kujen

    Medal of Honor, now featuring ZZ Top!

  • xerxes

    I’m not incredibly interested in playing this game, but I do think the trailer shows that visually the game is up to par. The lighting is great in some scenes, almost photoreal. But of course, the game probably isn’t going to be very good unless they put some effort into it past a MW2 clone.

  • Nice, Scott! I must have been painful to keep the language so clean…and ‘Basterds’ doesn’t count 😉

  • Not much of an article, feels more like a short rant than a anything. Something more like what one would find on a gaming forum than a legitimate gaming news site. I’ve occasionally enjoyed Scott’s work in the past, but this is not one of his better pieces. Perhaps as the previous commenter eluded to – he is not necessarily in his element when not able to be as foul-mouthed as he would normally be. Overall: needs more information, less rant.

  • Gianpy

    This game looks amazing! Can’t wait for it, thanks for the info :)!

  • Lunachique

    Well written! I like your idea of Rockstar creating a WWII game!

  • Have to agree…time to take it to some new level…enough of the same old same old already….BORING!!!! Someone has to take a chance and “step out of the box” and soon!!! It’s like all of the tv shows, movies, and even tv commericals! Everyone is in the comfort zone and trying to follow the previous lead. Give us something new and exciting that we want to pick up and play….and can’t put down!!! Dah!!!

    “yes, Basterds…doesn’t count in my book;)”

    Peace out 🙂

  • MOH has always been one of the best fps games out there!
    p.s lol only 7 comments .. 😛 it seems what you are saying is never gonna happen

  • Marianna

    My son’s favorite!

  • michelle rosborough

    you are updating a classic WWII game and setting it’s WARFARE in MODERN times. My son would play this

  • amy dendy


  • I share your frustration, but in all forms of entertainment – what sells is what gets copied…

  • koga88

    I would really enjoy an actual WW2 open world shooter. Or at least with mildly open world levels. With more things you can do instead of the standard way. Turok said they would do that, but they failed, and so did other games. But I think MoH could pull it off if they were to try a more open world shooter. Though people might call it a rip off of borderlands feel.

    Overall though I also agree that there needs to be at least some separation between the games. People were complaining about WW2 games, but what about when every game is modern times and no one gets to play any more WW2 games… then people will complain like that. There needs to be games for each side, not focusing only on one.

  • Kirsten

    Personally I like the idea of running over French hookers…as long as no real French hookers were killed or maimed in the making of this game. 🙂

  • LaTonya L.

    I think it’s wonderful that you take the time to play and review these games!

  • Kathryn20000

    you have to love this game-its not going to die out….its not just a “mans” game anymore hahaha..if this needs a home~ I have the room! and would take great care of it and share…well…maybe on the ‘share’….happy new years and keep the guns armed n’ ready!

  • Graphically this game looks fantastic. Playing through MW2 right now and this definitely looks on -par. If They could have made this a WW2 game with equally as decent graphics and full destructable environments (ala Bad Company), I think they would have had a fantastic game. I suspect this game will do quite well, as long as it doesn’t get released the same time as MW3 😉

    Oh…and I’m not sure you should have just given away the Panzers/French Hooker idea for free…it’s GOLD!

  • Harry

    Let’s Not forget that MOH Was the original WWII shooter. And COD copied them. Steven Spielberg was also involved with the original MOH, which was pretty cool.

    As far as a non-linear game, uhhh, MOH did this also with MOH: Airborne, remember.

    I have No doubts that MOH: Afghanistan will be awesome, and much better than the Way over hyped MW2.

    I can’t wait for MOH in 2010 !

  • Andrew

    I agree that this is more of a rant than a review. As for new ideas, how about a Brutal Legend-type game during WWII?

  • mirpkered

    Normally, I’d read this and think ‘yeah I agree’ but this time I think that not only do I agree but want to elaborate as well.

    It seems that many games are getting the ‘re-skin, update’ treatment all too often. Seriously, how many games do I need to have available to show that I know how to kill nazis and can drive a tank? Apparently 50 or so (yeah it’s an exaggeration. Got a problem? Wanna fight about it?). It looks like this game though will substitute an ATV for a snowmobile.

    Now you may think that this is a rant on just this series. WRONG! There are a ton of toher series out there that need to make like a telegram and STOP. There are including but not limited to:

    Anything Rabbids
    Medal of Honor
    ATV vs MX racing
    Most sports titles
    Call of Duty

    So yeah.. I am now saying that these games are bad BUT what I am getting at is that I’d like to see them not be released every year. Can we give them a break? Just a little one? Maybe a rotation on which sport game puts out in what year. Like Basketball on odd years and football in even years and just do roster updates as FREE DLC.

    So that is all I got. I know that everyone will be cranky because of some of the franchises brought up, but remember there are a ton of others that fit this mold.

  • Evan

    This game looks amazing!!!

  • Lisa Garrett

    Nice. My grandson would love it.

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