Final Fantasy XIII Free AVATAR – CHOCOBO is now available

Xbox 360

If you read our post a while back (Free Final Fantasy Avatar Available NOW !! GO GET IT !!)

You should be receiving your Free download code from Microsoft today via the email associated to your Xbox 360 Gamertag.  Simply follow the instructions stated in the email to download your little Chocobo Avatar buddy.

Once you have downloaded him : To find your Chocobo..head to the Avatar editor, then Change My Style, then Props. Ta Da….there s/he is!


Let us know what you think of this cute little guy 🙂

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  • Red

    I hope the ps3 will get something similar or better..

  • koga88

    The pet actually isn’t as bad as it seems. And comparing it to the baby chocobo pictures from the actual game, it isn’t too far off. Just smoothed down is all. And I like it, so using it on my avatar as well.

  • Yes its small but very cute .. and most of all ITS RARE !! if you didnt sign up for it .. u will never EVER GET IT !! 🙂 and we have it ! 🙂 so thats the most important thing.

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