505 Games tease their e3 lineup

505 Games have announced their e3 lineup for this year and it appears to be a rather decent looking list of titles. The list ranges from athleticism to racing, and then back to more athleticism. The group are also teasing a secret title and an unannounced title that will be on display with them behind closed doors. What could they be? It’s gotta be awesome if it’s a secret right? Anywa...

F3AR “Never Face Fear Alone” Trailer

We have shown you many live action trailers for F3AR, but now it is time for a more gameplay oriented trailer. The most recent trailer below shows gameplay from both players. Pointman and Fettel as they do their own thing. ‘never face FEAR alone’. Oh yeah, there is something about deception and vengeance as well but we won’t know what that means until later.

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