Deus Ex: Human Revolution Facebook Unlock Challenge

Eidos-Montreal and Square Enix announced today that you, yes you now have the opportunity to unlock exclusive Deus Ex: Human Revolution assets by “Liking” and encouraging other organic life forms to “Like” the official Deus Ex Facebook page at As more users “Like” the page, over 90 exclusive updates including: new videos, behind-the-scenes f...

The Human Revolution goes viral- site now live

This article contains image spoilers Welcome to Sarif Industries, home of the future revolution and otherwise viral marketing website to Deus Ex : Human Revolution. The site went live only in the last 2 days in a very sneaky attempt to drum up some interest in one of the sexiest games of 2011. Fake news sites ,are nothing new with Bioshock 2 a shocker this year, even planting fake evidence around ...

In-Game Trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Eidos Montreal released this week the first in-game trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, finally showing us how the game’s development has been progressing. The trailer is really exciting, check it out:

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Gameplay Screenshots

We’ve all seen the amazing Dues Ex : Human Revolution Trailer .. ( I personally watched it over 5 times in a row)  Well now we have some gameplay shots from Eidos Montreal Looking at the screenshots it looks like Dues Ex is a blend of third person and first person.  Personally I would like it to be 3rd person but we’ll have to wait and see.  I must say that Adam Jensen is one BAD-ASS m...

Amazing trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Even though it’s just a CG trailer, this new Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s trailer is an amazing experience for anyone looking for a new cyberpunk game, as it’s not every day you find a new one too. Check out the trailer below, and let’s hope they fulfil all expectations and honor the original game.

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