The Superbowl – From Someone Who Couldn’t Care less

Hello Capsule Computers’ Readers! I know this is a gaming site, and we cover all news gaming; however, we also cover anime, movies, gadgets, and much much more. Many Gamers couldn’t care less about the super bowl and probably spent the entire time playing Call of Duty or Halo: Reach. I was personally playing Black Ops with my Little brother for a majority of the beginning, then I watch...

Robot Chicken’s The Force Unleashed 2 ad

Ok, so it may just be a plug, but this special ad that was placed within the robot chicken star wars special makes the events of The Force Unleashed games quite humorous. Check it out below, and if you missed the special… I’m sorry, it was quite funny! Enjoy [pro-player width=’530′ height=’253′ type=’video’]

New lightsaber fighting game showcased at E3

Everyone loves fighting with swords, and when you bring that to the future and fight with lightsabers everyone gets excited! What’s better then lightsaber battling virtually on the Kinect? The video that was shown at E3 seems to have game features such as controllerless lightsaber dueling and motion-activated Force powers. We sadly don’t have a video of it currently, but once we get ou...

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