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I usually play games on my PC, occasionally using the 360

Competition: Post a review and win an Xbox 360 RETAIL GAME!

Hey everyone, Deathdude222 and the Capsule Computers team here bringing you a competition where you have the chance to WIN an XBOX 360 RETAIL GAME! The game will be in PAL format and MasterAbbott will be choosing it. The game is random and could be anything from Barbies Horse Adventures to Splinter Cell Conviction!!! All you need to do is write a review on any game you like and post it as a new to...

Who would have thought… PS3 “portable”?

The PlayStation 3 Slim is quickly boosting Sony’s reputation in the gaming industry in terms of availability to the public and pricing. Like most hardcore gaming consoles, you can’t really take it on the road.. or so we thought. The Japanese gaming hardware company, Hori, has come up with a fantastic way to bring your Sony PlayStation 3 on the road. Hori has recently announced that it ...

Batman Arkham Asylum Review By Community Member: Andrenekoi

The Capsule Computers community is growing each and everyday.  More and more members are starting to become more active and contributing to the site in many ways.  To show our appreciation Capsule Computers will start posting reviews that are written by our members in our Forum here on the main page for everyone to see & read. Today we have our Capsule Computers 8-bit Warrior for the month of ...

Ratchet & Clank devs going multi-platform? AWESOME!

  Sources tell us that Insomniac games, the people who created Ratchet & Clank, are going to spread their wings and welcome a new era of gaming. Previous games were exclusive to the Sony consoles. If this rumour turns out to be true, all future titles Insomniac Games create may well be multi-platform so get ready to play them on your Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii as well ! I’m excited since ...

Sayonara Yellow! You will be missed!

It has been rumoured that there will be one less colour for the PSP collection. According to a Japanese source, the Yellow PSP3000 will stop being shipped and sent to shops. Yellow is apparently the least popular among all the other PSP colours,  but will surely be missed by some.  From what I’ve heard, MasterAbbott has one and thinks it the best !!! 😉 -Game on- Mark -Gamertag: deathdude222

BioShock 2 crowned February’s best seller!

BioShock 2 is officially crowned the best seller for February. With sales smashing the 500,000 unit mark, the developers of BioShock 2 will be very happy that it exceeded the sales of the New Super Mario Bros. on Wii by ~7000 extra units. Call of Duty for Xbox 360 came in third, and when the PS3 version is added, they sold a staggering 567,100 copies! Here are February’s top ten games in the U.S f...

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