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Volgarr the Viking Returns August 6, Claim Your Destiny as the Barbarian King

Don your most intimidating loin cloth and grab your sharpest sword — Volgarr is BACK!

More than a decade after Volgarr the Viking’s debut from Crazy Viking Studios, which sold more than one million copies across PC and consoles, the barbarian king’s adventure continues in an uncompromising new form on August 6, 2024. Set against the backdrop of new and bigger-than-ever Norse-inspired worlds, Volgarr the Viking II ups the ante on the original’s hardcore 2D side-scrolling action in an expanded odyssey where every playthrough is grislier than the last.

As the great warrior Volgarr, choose your actions wisely when entering battle, as precision is everything. One false move can spell a one-way ticket to Valhalla. Jump, duck, slide, and dodge to avoid deadly enemies while remaining cognizant of the threats posed by your environment. 

While the sequel delivers the same unforgiving 1980s-arcade level of difficulty as the original, Volgarr’s a little older now, his muscles have wizened, and he graciously welcomes some new features that won’t agitate the arthritis: a practice mode, checkpoints, save profiles, and unlimited continues — but at what cost? If you can survive without these modern comforts, you’ll unlock everything the game has to offer. If not… death comes knocking.

What You’ll Find in Volgarr the Viking II

  • Stave off death with new power-ups and magic items
  • A roster of ruthless bosses so big and so ugly, they’re just begging to have their heads chopped off
  • An epic orchestral soundtrack to carry you through battle
  • Handy speedrunning tools, including an on-screen timer and no-HUD mode
  • Six distinct endings based on player performance —only the masterfully skilled will unlock a hidden level to battle a secret final boss!
  • Modern era upgrades include a practice mode and multiple profile save options
  • Buckets of blood and bone explosions
  • Loincloths

Embark on a satisfyingly punishing quest in this sequel over a decade in the making.