The time has come. The hunt is on.

Shanghai, China — July 5, 2024 | SS5 is here and it’s a big one! XD Games are excited to share the arrival of Torchlight: Infinite’s latest season, which is crammed full of new modes, foes and fun. This update marks the pinnacle of what Torchlight: Infinite has become since launching in 2022. It’s Torchlight like you’ve never seen it before and XD Games invites you to the event of the season: The Clockwork Ballet. 

Check out SS5’s ‘Zealot of War’ Divineshot Carino in explosive action in an all-new hero cinematic:

The changes debuting with SS5 have already received glowing praise from the Torchlight: Infinite community that eagerly waited with bated breath for all the latest season has to offer. This includes:

  • PC Optimisation: Combining quality-of-life updates with an entirely new UI for PC, Torchlight: Infinite is now better than ever on Steam – where the game has over 10,000 reviews from players across the globe. 
  • Divineshot Carino New Trait: Transform this hero into a Gatling gun-wielding destroyer!
  • Legendary Gear Crafting: That’s right, legendary gear affixes can now be crafted and passed down. What’s more, they’ll now be a bigger part of builds, with drop rates for legendary gear increasing, too.
  • Dolls in the Depths: Scattered around Torchlight: Infinite are strange dolls that open up a world of possibility, if players can defeat them!
  • New Legendary Equipment: For players old and new, these new items will improve any hero, taking them from Hunter to legend.
  • Pactspirits Aplenty: Two new Pactspirits join the fray, including the Iron Lion, the best projectile-throwing kitty around!
  • …and much, MUCH more. 

This season is all about the player experience. Be that on PC or mobile, whether players log in on the tube, from their gaming setups or even Steam Decks on the beach, Torchlight: Infinite is the probably best aRPG anywhere in the world – because you can literally take it anywhere. So why not join the hunt and check it out for yourself?

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