The fantasy strategy title features six playable scenarios and a native editor for a personalized campaign.

Boca Raton, FL, 01 July 2024 | Begin your campaign towards victory in Kingdom, Dungeon, and Hero. From indie developer Kraken Studios, the fantasy strategy title is out today on Steam.

Pave Your Way To Victory

Kingdom, Dungeon, and Hero brings a board-game feel to the Steam storefront. Within the game’s hex-based map, players must establish an economy, grow a military, manage diplomatic relationships, and battle against rival kingdoms. Whether your interests lie in conquest, adventuring, or building, Kingdom, Dungeon, and Hero offers many different ways to play.

Expand Your Kingdom

Offering six scenarios to choose from, players will manage their resources while remaining aware of enemy agendas. Embark on these adventures in parties of six, capitalizing on each hero’s unique skillset to face off against incoming peril. Along these expeditions, players may uncover magic items and artifacts, strengthen their attributes, and fight to increase their kingdom’s power. Gold and precious shards can be acquired from these adventures to purchase additional resources. By growing their influence, players may rise from explorer to conqueror to lord of their expanding kingdom.

Customize Your Experience

Review your activities with summaries of your battles, trade achievements, and research. In addition, random events and an unpredictable weather system will challenge even the most seasoned adventurers! Accompanying these fantasy and wargame elements, Kingdom, Dungeon, and Hero boasts various additional features to create an engaging experience for all players. The game’s editor grants customizable maps, monsters, adventures, heroes, and magic items for a personalized campaign. 


  • Ready-to-Play: Challenge friends in PBEM co-op or test your skills against a computer opponent.
  • Risk and Reward: Negotiate with other kingdoms to form allies or force your will with the sword.
  • Testing the Waters: Hidden fleets test your skills against piracy, interception, and evasion.
  • Traitorous Acts: Send your heroes on missions to hunt down your kingdom’s greatest enemies.
  • Ready Wherever: Invite friends to your campaign with the game’s multiplayer mode, implementing a traditional play via email format to remind players of their turn.

Kingdom, Dungeon, and Hero is out now on Steam.

About Kraken Studios

Our goal is to create strategy games of moderate complexity and high depth in niches that have not been fulfilled. Taking the time to create a good, well-researched game is our priority.