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Sci-Fi RPG Shooter Snowbreak: Containment Zone Celebrates its One-Year Anniversary with the Suspense in Skytopia Update

One Year After Launch, Snowbreak Becomes One of the Biggest Games in Asia

Chengdu, China (July 11, 2024)Snowbreak: Containment Zone is proud to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the game’s launch with a new free update titled ‘Suspense in Skytopia,’ which brings new gameplay features and improvements. Snowbreak is a mobile and PC sci-fi RPG shooter that recently peaked at #2 on the Apple App Store in China and #1 on Steam in Japan, as a result of listening to player feedback and making significant changes to the game since its launch in June 2023.

The Suspense in Skytopia update marks the ninth chapter in the Snowbreak saga, available now on Steam and mobile. This new update is the latest in a long line of continuous improvements and content updates made to the game as a response to player feedback and constant communication with fans, which Snowbreak’s developers take great pride in. Suspense in Skytopia adds two new operatives with distinct abilities and weapons, limited-time anniversary events, an enhanced dormitory system to interact with your favorite characters, a collection of stunning new outfits, and more to be discovered.

Watch the Snowbreak: Containment Zone trailer here:

A cornerstone of Snowbreak‘s success has been its developer’s genuine interaction with players. The team established dedicated feedback channels and regularly hosted livestreams to communicate directly with the community. The dev team has been using social media channels to respond to players’ needs directly, earnestly, and in a timely manner, including emergency livestreams in the middle of the night to communicate with players quickly. This transparent and dedicated approach to listening to its players has built trust among the community and demonstrated the developer’s commitment to the player base.

Suspense in Skytopia is a celebration of Snowbreak’s journey and its perseverance through thick and thin. The new chapter features brand-new operatives, weapons, cosmetics, two new events, an expanded dormitory system to enhance the player’s connection with their favorite characters including more personal and heartfelt moments, and even more tweaks and improvements. Additional relationship levels have also been added, including the ability to romance your favorite characters.

New to the Suspense in Skytopia Update:

  • Anniversary Welfare Events: To celebrate the 1-year anniversary, Snowbreak is offering a plethora of rewards and benefits. Players can expect 10 free Echoes in their mail, a reset of the Mail Supply Reward bonus, and the chance to claim the Orange tier operative Fenny-Starshine and her logistics Reverie Squad for free. Additionally, there is a login event with tasks that reward players with Manifestation Echo Covenant and exclusive outfits upon login. 
  • Special Anniversary Event: Players can now participate in a unique “Star Master” gameplay island map featuring a new gacha mechanic for units, fishing gameplay, and a thrilling capture mechanic with boss enemies, plus the opportunity to earn exclusive rewards. 
  • New Operatives and Weapons: Two new characters, Lyfe and Fenny, will have new distinctive operations and weapons (Infinite Sight and Starshine, respectively). This not only diversifies the combat experience but also introduces innovative tactical dimensions to the game. 
  • Enhanced Dormitory System: Snowbreak’s ‘The Base’ dormitory system has been expanded with the addition of a Healing Center and Neuronics Therapy, allowing for deeper interactions and more personal moments with characters. 
  • Stunning New Outfits: A collection of new character outfits, including a wedding dress and the revamped Devoted Voyager costume, allow players to further personalize their characters.

Snowbreak: Containment Zone’s Suspense in Skytopia update is available now for all players. Download Snowbreak: Containment Zone for free on Android, iOS, and Windows PC via Steam or the Epic Games Store.