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Parking Garage Rally Circuit Coming To PC, Switch (if it sells enough) and SEGA Saturn (if it REALLY sells enough)!

Solo dev announces new platforms in response to fan requests for retro arcade rally racer set in…parking garages?!

Los Angeles, CA – July 10th 2024 – Solo-dev Walaber, otherwise known as Tim, is pleased to announce that in response to fan requests, Parking Garage Rally Circuit will be coming to additional platforms…well, on the condition that the game sells enough copies, that is. While the game has already been announced for PC and Linux (yes, that means Steam Deck too!), Tim has committed to bringing the game to Nintendo Switch if the game sells 50,000 copies and, if the game sells 100,000 copies, he will also make a SEGA Saturn version in tribute to the console that inspired the game.

“Whenever I post about the game on social media, I get a lot of feedback from people that they’d like a Switch version and they’d like me to fully lean into the SEGA Saturn inspirations and release a Saturn version,” said Tim. “Bringing Parking Garage Rally Circuit to Switch would be amazing and I’d love nothing more than to create a SEGA Saturn version – it’s a console that I dearly love! I’m a solo dev, however, so making these kinds of commitments aren’t easy for me, but I’ve decided to announce that if you buy it, I’m going to do it! If the game sells 50,000 copies, I’ll make a Switch version and if the game hits 100,000 copies sold, I’ll make that Saturn version too!”

Parking Garage Rally Circuit is an arcade racer where you drift around parking garages using tight controls and chainable Mario Kart-style boosts. The “Parking Garage Rally Circuit” tour takes you across parking garages all over the US, transformed into race courses (and occasionally beset by the odd falling rock or lighting strike, but don’t worry about that). Designed to look, feel and sound like a lost Sega Saturn game that could have been released in 1998, Parking Garage Rally Circuit delivers delightfully fun time trial racing that’s easy to pick up and play but requires skill to master as you unlock new car classes and compete to top the leaderboards.     

Parking Garage Rally Circuit is developed by Tim “Walaber” FitzRandolph, who you can follow developing the game on his live development streams on Twitch. Tim is a solo-dev who designed the acclaimed hit Where’s My Water? and more recently the Jelly Car series.

About Walaber
A lifelong and constant creator, Tim found his calling in game development.  Tim got his start in the games industry at Disney, creating the company’s biggest early App Store successes “JellyCar” and “Where’s My Water?”. Tim is now a full-time independent creator, releasing solo games under the name “Walaber” (Pro Gymnast SimulatorJellyCar), and is also half of the two-person game company “Toyful Games” (Very Very Valet).