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Meridiem Announces Physical Edition of Papetura for PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch

Immerse yourself in a fascinating paper world, where every fold and shadow tells a magical story of courage and mystery

Madrid, Spain – 3rd July 2024. Meridiem is excited to announce that it will be publishing a physical boxed edition of Papetura, the intriguing action-adventure game handcrafted with paper cutouts. Developed by Petums and digitally published by Feardemic, the physical Papetura Craft Edition will be available later in 2024 across European specialist retailers for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5. 

Meridiem is responsible for the design and manufacture of this physical version of Papetura, and the release of the Craft Edition will include a specially designed case containing an exquisite art book and a code to download the original game soundtrack

Players control Pape, a small paper being who, along with his friend Tura, must save their world from a mysterious fiery threat. The gameplay is based on interaction with the environment, using Pape and Tura’s unique abilities to solve various challenges and advance the story.

Watch the trailer for Papetura Craft Edition below 

Puzzle design and narrative intertwine to create a cohesive and fluid experience. The puzzles are designed to be intuitive, integrating naturally with the paper environment. The narrative unfolds without dialogue, using animations and the visual environment to tell an emotional and immersive story.

Papetura received positive reviews for its unique visual style and handcrafted design. Critics praised Tomasz Ostafin’s creativity and dedication in creating the paper world and Floex’s atmospheric music. In addition, Papetura has received several awards and recognition in the video game industry.


  • Experience a unique point & click experience, where the story is told through unique animations and sounds. There is no dialogue.
  • Everything is made of paper, from small insects and creatures to strange monsters, and truly magical places.
  • A beautiful and ambient soundtrack composed by Floex and Tomas Dvorak
  • The puzzles are part of the story and the world and further unlock the intriguing narrative. 

Papetura Craft Edition will be released as a physical boxed version for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 later in 2024. 

For more information, visit www.meridiem-games.com

About Meridiem

We are Meridiem, a video game publisher and distributor in love with its culture, which we protect and pass on in order to preserve it. We do this by fostering talent through investment in independent projects with potential, bringing back classic titles, promising indies and AAA games while continuing to support the physical format.

About Petums

Little one man studio, hand-crafting and designing games, putting heart and soul into paper. https://petums.com/ 

About Feardemic

Feardemic is a publisher of computer games and their related entertainment products. The company is a specialist in the publishing of games that contain a strong horror narrative.  Feardemic publishes predominately games developed by third parties and publishes games on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo consoles.https://www.feardemic-games.com/