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Lifeless Moon Has Lift-off – Available Now on PlayStation, Xbox and Epic Games Store

Boulder, Colo. (July 9, 2024) – Serenity Forge (Doki Doki Literature Club Plus, LISA: Definitive Edition) and Lifeless Worlds today reported lift-off on the mysterious adventure Lifeless Moon as it journeys to landing on Xbox, PlayStation and Epic Games Store. Today’s launch was accompanied by a trailer showcasing the adventure ahead:

Lifeless Moon is a stunning 3D platformer that takes you on a captivating journey to the moon during an Apollo-era mission. Explore eerie yet mesmerizing landscapes that blur the line between reality and the unknown, leaving you to deduce your true location in the universe. Mysteries await on the barren surface of the moon, unlocking secrets that will help you find the truth and survive.

As you retrace the steps of the explorers who came before you, understanding the traumas they faced may hold the key to your return home. Solve riddles, decipher clues and master innovative technologies as you begin to perceive your new reality on a grander scale. Players will encounter strange phenomena and channel their extraordinary powers to unravel the mystery and uncover the truth. 

Lifeless Moon is the spiritual successor to Lifeless Planet which sprang from cult-hit to almost ten million players over the course of its lifetime.

Keep up with Lifeless Moon by following Lifeless Worlds on Twitter, YouTube and checking out the official website.

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About Serenity Forge

Based in Boulder, Colorado, video game development and publishing studio Serenity Forge prides themselves on the care and dedication they put into their work, creating meaningful games that challenge the way you think. Firm believers in the artistic, cultural, and educational power of video games, Serenity Forge aims to craft unique interactive experiences to broaden players’ horizons and expand their perspectives. 

About Lifeless Worlds Studio

With its cold, dark winters, Alaska turned out to be a great place to hunker inside behind a glowing computer screen and develop indie games. Hiking the mountains and glaciers of the “great land” also provided inspiration for alien landscapes in developer David Board’s first title, Lifeless Planet. But really the story of Lifeless Worlds Studio began back in the early 1980s on a Commodore VIC-20. Board took to programming and computer art on that little machine with 5KB of memory and he never looked back. In his day job, Board develops science education apps for museums and science centers, and that passion for sharing science influences the themes and content of his games. In 2014, David moved to the Seattle area with his wife and two husky mix dogs. Lifeless Moon is his second major game.