KeokeN Secures Kickstarter Funding For Delier Us Home

Thanks to the community, the trilogy is on!

Hoofddorp, NL – July 11, 2024. KeokeN is delighted to announce theKickstarter Campaign for Deliver Us Home has hit its funding target. This means eveyrthing to the studio, who want to thank everyone that has helped them to continue their dream. Deliver Us Home, a solitary sci-fi experience where a lone astronaut seeks to secure a new home for humanity, immerses players in an atmospheric adventure fraught with mystery.

The successful Kickstarter page, with stretch goals for UE5 console ports and more is available here:
Deliver Us Home by KeokeN Interactive — Kickstarter

About Deliver Us Home

It’s the 23rd century. Humanity has long ago evacuated the wasteland that is planet Earth. You, a descendant of the evacuees, have been trained relentlessly to become an interplanetary astronaut. Sent out into the endless void of space, your mission statement is as simple as it is impossible: secure a new, permanent home for humanity.

After a long journey, you approach your designated planet. Though you’ve prepared for the unexpected, there’s no telling what lies in store for you on the surface. Survive the unknown, explore the desolation, and break ground for humanity’s new home as you uncover the secrets of mysterious settlers that – somehow – arrived here long before you did.

About KeokeN Interactive

KeokeN Interactive is a Dutch independent game developer founded in 2013 by two brothers, Koen and Paul Deetman. Envisioning the games industry as a platform to go beyond traditional gaming and create immersive experiences, KeokeN Interactive aims to develop rich and believable worlds that make you forget your surroundings and push the boundaries of your reality. In 2023, KeokeN Interactive released Deliver Us Mars, the sequel to their acclaimed and award-winning debut game Deliver Us The Moon™.

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