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Introducing Cabin Crew Life Simulator: A Realistic Flight Attendant Experience

SOGA Studio Unveils New Game

SOGA Studio, renowned developers in the gaming industry, proudly announce the release of their latest creation, Cabin Crew Life Simulator. After two years of dedicated development, we are thrilled to present this unique simulation game inspired by the fascinating profession of flight attendants.

About the Game

Cabin Crew Life Simulator immerses players in the dynamic and demanding world of a flight attendant. Players step into the shoes of a skilled female flight attendant, receiving daily flight schedules and striving to deliver exceptional service to passengers. The game offers a realistic portrayal of the diverse tasks and responsibilities that cabin crew members undertake during flights.

Key Features

  • Authentic Flight Attendant Experience: Perform real-life cabin crew duties, from serving gourmet meals to handling in-flight emergencies, ensuring an unparalleled passenger experience.
  • Varied Airline Scenarios: Serve a wide range of passengers, from budget airlines to luxurious five-star carriers, each with unique challenges and expectations.
  • Expanded Missions: Engage in various business activities, including selling additional food and beverages, setting up vending machines, operating currency exchange booths, and managing extra luggage for service fees.
  • Interactive Gameplay: Enhance your in-game career by serving VIP passengers, managing special requests, and even taking on secretive missions for extra earnings.

Discover More

For an in-depth look at Cabin Crew Life Simulator, including screenshots, trailers, and detailed descriptions, please visit our official Steam page:

Join us in celebrating the launch of Cabin Crew Life Simulator and experience the thrilling life of a flight attendant like never before.

About SOGA Studio

SOGA Studio is a leading game development company dedicated to creating immersive and innovative gaming experiences. With a passion for storytelling and gameplay, we aim to bring unique and engaging games to players worldwide.