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Darkarta: A Broken Heart Quest Collector’s Edition now on the Nintendo Switch

The sweetest Songs are those that tell of broken hearts

Zaprešić, Croatia, July 9th, 2024 – Ocean Media and TuttiFrutti Interactive are excited to announce that Darkarta: A Broken Heart Quest Collector’s Edition is now available on the Nintendo Switch. Embark on a dire, thrilling quest of unraveling the dark past of Mary. 

Watch the launch trailer:

Mary would have never imagined that fate could wipe away the peaceful serenity of her life. Learn more about Mary’s past by solving puzzles and exploring unforeseen sites. Would you help her discover the secret that dates to 3700 years ago!

Darkarta: A Broken Heart Quest Collector’s Edition main features:  

  • A mother’s epic frantic journey in search of her lost daughter, to the lost civilization of the Indus Valley – An untold saga of true love.
  • Explore “unforeseen” environments and original puzzles. 
  • Bonus Chapter “Rising of the Phoenix”
  • Prequel Comic Book, Mom’s diary pages
  • 30 Nostalgic memory collectables 
  • 36 Hall of Fame Medals
  • 28 Morphing Objects
  • Replay Mini Games, Hidden Object Puzzles and Cut-scenes

About TuttiFrutti Interactive:

Tuttifrutti Interactive is an award-winning premium game developer studio, and has a multi-talented in-house team! The company has skyrocketed in the gaming world with a bang, making it a hub for gaming modules of premium quality Art/Animation/ Cross-platform Development/ Testing services and delivered in record time!