Wildfrost’s Biggest Ever FREE Content Update Now Available

Wildfrost’s biggest ever content update ‘Friends & Foes’ is available now

London, United Kingdom – Thursday, June 13th – Today publisher Chucklefish and independent developers Gaziter and Deadpan Games announce the release of Wildfrost’s biggest (and final) free content update on PC and Nintendo Switch, also coming soon to Mobile devices.

You can find a glimpse of these new cards and more in the Wildfrost ‘Friends & Foes’ Update mini-trailer.

New Features & Changes

  • 13 New Enemies across 4 New Battles
  • 20 New Player Cards
  • 13 New Companions and 1 New Pet
  • 12 New Charms (including Balatro’s Jimbo)
  • 12 New Challenges
  • 4 New Sun Bells
  • Zoomlins!
  • Card Balance Updates
  • Bugfixes

Keen followers of Wildfrost will recognise new companion, Nova, since she was first teased in the game’s key art, and have been clamouring for her inclusion since the game’s launch last year. 

Wildfrost X Balatro

To celebrate the release of the ‘Friends & Foes’ update, featuring a special Balatro collaboration charm unlock, Chucklefish has teamed up with Balatro publisher Playstack and developer LocalThunk on a Steam Bundle. The ‘Kind of a Big Deal Bundle’ provides deck-builder fans a 10% off discount when Balatro and Wildfrost are purchased together. 

Wildfrost is available now on PC, Nintendo Switch and Mobile. Playable in English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Japanese, and Korean.

About Wildfrost

Developed in collaboration between Will Lewis (Programmer & Designer, Deadpan Games) and Asaf “Gaz” Gazit (Artist & Designer, Gaziter) Wildfrost is an exciting adventure game set in a world on the brink of destruction from the Wildfrost. Using deck-building tactics, you’ll head into the frost to battle through enemies to reach the mountain summit, banishing the Wildfrost and returning peace to the world.

About Chucklefish

Chucklefish is an independent game developer and publisher based in London, UK, with a love of charming pixel art and a drive to support and create amazing games. Since 2011, Chucklefish has developed its own games (Starbound and Wargroove) and supported indie developers to realise their own visions. They’ve published titles such as Risk of Rain, Stardew Valley, Timespinner, Pathway, Eastward, INMOST and Wildfrost. With their third in-house game – Witchbrook – in the works as well as many exciting projects from their publishing partners, Chucklefish have never been more proud to remain independent.