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War with the Ravagers has started in Crossout

Update brings new unique car parts, battle missions and other content

Gaijin Entertainment announces the release of the Ravagers Ascension update for the post-apocalyptic online action game Crossout. It introduces car parts from the Ravagers faction, a trilogy of brawls against the Ravagers, a battle for uranium ore, a new map “Brotherhood Stronghold” and other content.

The new season of the Battle Pass also called Ravagers Ascension includes 75 levels with rewards, including blueprints of new parts for armored vehicles, containers with resources, and cosmetic items. For example, you can get access to the ground drone “Fatum” with a combat laser or the “Morta” cannon – it releases a force field that flies in a straight path and absorbs damage from enemy projectiles, and then explodes.

The Ravager brawl trilogy is a series of PvP battles that initially put a small team of two “infected” players on pre-installed vehicles against a team of up to ten regular players. The goal of survivors is to reach the final point in the location, completing all tasks. The Ravager team has to prevent them from doing this and “infects” the players.

The hallmark of the “Brotherhood Stronghold” map is a great impenetrable wall that protects the survivors’ homes and the place where they are trying to build a future for themselves, hoping for the restoration of humanity. The Ravagers took survivors by surprise and destroyed a number of their equipment and buildings, but the humans blocked the entrance and managed to repel the attack for a while. The central part of the map is occupied by construction cranes and high-rise shelters, behind which armored aircraft can hide and support allies on the ground. More information about the contents of the update is available on the official Crossout website.

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Gaijin Entertainment is the developer and publisher of the online games War Thunder, Crossout, Enlisted, CRSED: F.O.A.D. and Star Conflict as well as other PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, iOS and Android titles across several genres. The company’s diverse portfolio has received a range of mass media and game industry awards including such as Gamescom Award and many more. Official website: http://gaijinent.com/

About Crossout

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Crossout is an MMO vehicle combat game available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S offering players complete customisation in building and upgrading deadly armored vehicles to destroy enemies in open PvP and PvE battles. Crossout gives players thousands of possibilities to design their vehicle, including shape, armor, weapons, support systems and, of course, cosmetic enhancements. Official website: http://crossout.net/