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The Wandering Band Reveals New RPG Trailer and First Demo for Airborne Empire

The follow-up to critically acclaimed flying city-builder Airborne Kingdom releases in Early Access later this year

June 8, 2024 – The Wandering Band, the BAFTA-nominated indie developer, is proud to reveal their latest trailer and first playable Steam demo for the upcoming aerial adventure Airborne Empire

The new trailer, which premiered at GLITCH’s Future of Play Direct 2024, centers on the game’s abundant role-playing mechanics. Key features include open-world exploration across bustling biomes, from arid desert lands to dense forestries, all teeming with secrets to discover. We meet avian characters including Magistrate Agatha, Scholar Cornelius, and your trusty guide, Advisor Quill, among many others. These friendly faces, each delightfully inspired by Studio Ghibli’s charming creations, will be important allies as you unify against the common threat of sky pirates. The trailer also offers a sneak peek at Blueprints, which are items for purchase used to construct new buildings, tools, and defenses for your evolving, steampunk flying city. 

The demo for Airborne Empire is now live on Steam and will be featured through Steam Next Fest. The green hills of the Aeyrie, the game’s first biome, are available for players to explore freely. With buildings to research, characters to meet, quests to fulfill, secrets to discover, enemies to defeat, and a flying city to build, players can enjoy many hours in the skies with the content in this demo alone. The Early Access release later this year will have two more biomes with their own unique discoveries, too!

In Airborne Empire, players navigate dangerous skies while aboard a fledgling flying city that they grow into a bustling metropolis. Like its predecessor Airborne Kingdom, Airborne Empire mixes limited resource management with keeping your aerial population satisfied. Master the unique challenges of lift, balance, and propulsion mechanics to keep your city aloft. This new  installment also introduces new role-playing elements, structures, biomes, and the long-awaited addition of combat.

Airborne Empire will arrive on PC and Mac via Steam Early Access in 2024. Visit airborneempire.com.

About The Wandering Band

The Wandering Band is an indie games studio focused on creating unique, high-quality interactive experiences that challenge genre boundaries and explore new topics through game mechanics. It was founded by industry veterans Frederik Gareau, Zachary Mumbach, and Ben Wander in 2018. The founders have decades of combined AAA experience, with work spanning multiple hit franchises like Dead Space, Dragon Age, Battlefield, and Star Wars. In 2020, they released their first title Airborne Kingdom, which received a BAFTA nomination for “Best Debut Game.”

About Stray Fawn Studio

Stray Fawn Studio is a ten-person indie game studio based in Zurich, Switzerland and the publisher of Airborne Empire. The company focuses on developing their own projects which are often situated in the simulation game genre. Procedural content generation and the simulation of living worlds form the core of the studio’s creations. Stray Fawn was founded by Micha Stettler, a space enthusiastic software engineer and Philomena Schwab, a biology loving game designer. In 2023 the studio expanded into indie game publishing and is now supporting other developers on their journey.