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Terra Nil’s free Vita Nova update blossoms today

Terra Nil, the critically acclaimed eco-puzzler from Free Lives (Broforce, Gorn) and Devolver Digital, and with a little help from Clockwork Acorn, sprouts a garden of new features for the critically-acclaimed game.

Vita Nova is the first major update for Terra Nil, expanding on its deeply satisfying nature restoration gameplay with five challenging new levels, nine new buildings, an updated world map, and a dramatic overhaul of the wildlife system.

New levels include Polluted Bay, a dead landscape carved in half by a badly polluted river, and Scorched Caldera, a vast volcanic crater that you must terraform into a life-filled freshwater lake. These, and all the new maps in the Vita Nova update, will put your reclamation skills to the test in interesting and unusual ways.

As you play through the campaign, Vita Nova’s improved world map—which is now fully 3D and can be freely rotated—will give you a more accurate and personalized overview of your efforts to bring life back to this dead world.

And thanks to the overhauled wildlife system, these transformed landscapes will feel more alive than ever. Animals emerge more naturally as you play, and have a deeper set of needs to fulfill to keep them happy and abundant. This not only adds a new dimension of strategy to the game, but gives you more animals to admire—including a brand new species, the jaguar—as nature is steadily restored.

Terra Nil is a chill, meditative twist on the city-builder genre where you use advanced eco-tech to transform a barren, desolate wasteland into a thriving, vibrant ecosystem. Purify soil, clean oceans, plant trees, reintroduce wildlife—then recycle everything and move on, leaving no trace you were ever there.

Terra Nil’s free Vita Nova update is available now on PC and Netflix, with the Switch version arriving shortly.

Visit terranil.com for more information.