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Shop Titans Launches 5th Anniversary Major Game Update

Introducing Artifacts and More Celebrations!

Attention Shopkeepers! Kabam is celebrating the 5th Anniversary of Shop Titans, the free-to-play Tycoon Simulation/Light Adventure RPG game, with a free major Game Update stocked with brand-new gameplay features and content upgrades, plus other special festivities for veteran and newer players.

Shop Titans’ 5th Anniversary Game Update introduces Artifact Blueprints, a new and very rare blueprint (six total currently available in game – see below) for players to collect, and each with a unique effect! Artifacts can be found in the Major Artifact (Tier 14) and Minor Artifact (Tiers 8-9) chests, offering  stronger and more valuable blueprints compared to those of the same tier. This isn’t your average everyday blueprint… so choose wisely!

View the Shop Titans 5th Anniversary Trailer below:

  • Kiku-Ichimonji (Major Artifact) – This Katana is unnaturally sharp, but unwieldy! It provides a powerful +200% bonus to Critical Damage, but sets your critical hit rate to 20%.
  •  Torc of Peace (Major Artifact): The powerful amulet magically seals the power of any wielded weapon, rendering them completely useless. In exchange, it grants a sizable +10% evasion and a 20% skill HP bonus.
  • Armor of Invincibility (Major Artifact): A suit of heavy armor that completely shrugs off any amount of damage it takes, no matter how powerful. As a result, it will never break!
  • Lone Wolf Cowl (Minor Artifact): For loners who are too cool for teamwork, there is the Lone Wolf Cowl. The wearer completely ignores bonuses granted by Champions in exchange for a powerful 40% skill bonus to ATK and DEF.
  • Grimar’s Collection (Minor Artifact):– This spellbook is worth a LOT of Collection Score! Grimar’s collection book contains ancient items that simply don’t exist in this day and age.
  • Pickaxe of Greed (Minor Artifact): Dig too deep and too greedily with this needlessly gaudy pickaxe! It is particularly adept at defeating guardians of golden treasures. Any Hero wielding it will deal double damage to Golems!
  • Looking Ahead: (2) extra Major Artifacts will also be released in the days following the 5th Anniversary. Stay tuned!

In addition, Furniture Levels can now be upgraded to 25. This means more energy and resource capacity. Along with the furniture level cap increase, Kabam is also massively increasing (doubling) the amount of Dragonmarks awarded by the Dragon Invasion event to help players level up their furniture. New Tier 14 Enchantments are also now available in the form of (6) new Elements and (6) new Spirits, using the new Supreme Runestone to craft them!

Kabam has some interesting changes coming to Merchant levels as well in the form of Merchant Level Loops. With Advanced Research’s XP bonus, merchant levels can be pushed beyond 99 to Level 100! After breaking through level 100, players will then be brought back to level 1 and granted a new look to their level banner to let everyone know their Shopkeeping is on point. Once players manage to make it back to 100 again, there’s a whole other loop! In fact, the new level cap is 500! Players can also take advantage of the new Seed of Merit, a valuable seed which can be used on a Hero or Champion to increase their max level by one, to a maximum of +10 per character. These seeds are currently exclusive to the Shop Titans 5th Year Anniversary Sale taking place on June 14.

And for the first time ever, it is now possible to transform any interior shop segment into Yard Space! This allows players to go beyond their standard 3×3 shop setup. Furniture Space granted by the expansion will be retained, but the actual area will become outdoor grass, allowing the placement of outdoor decorations so players can get even more creative with their shop space design. This brings a whole new level to fine tuning your shop’s expansion!

Additional Shop Titans 5th Anniversary activities include a 5th Anniversary Login Calendar where players earn a bunch of rewards simply by logging into Shop Titans during the anniversary period. Kabam is also running a daily giveaway to celebrate Shop Titans’ 5th Anniversary EXCLUSIVELY on the Shop TItans Webstore starting June 14. Fans will have 24 hours to claim their free item each day, so don’t miss out! A major sale will also take place between June 14-17, where layers can take advantage of a bunch of discounts.

Shop Titans (rated T for Teen by the ESRB) is a free-to-play Tycoon Simulation, Light Adventure RPG game on mobile and PC platforms. Set in a fantasy world filled with hilarious character-driven banter between their Champions and city Workers, players can become a fantasy shop tycoon by crafting epic weapons, managing a store to success, and building a team of adventurers to quest for loot. Find out why players are raving about the game and giving it 5 stars! Shop Titans is available now to download free on the App Store, Google Play, Steam, Microsoft Store, and Epic Games Store.

Players are invited to visit Shop Titans today to enjoy all of the new 5th Anniversary content and celebrations! For further information, please visit Shop Titans’ official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.