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Saddle up Buckaroos! Welcome to Cattle Country, the Cozy Cowboy Adventure Life Sim from Playtonic Friends 

Be transported out West for some rootin’ tootin’ wholesome adventures! 

Burton-on-Trent, UK – 27 June 2024. Howdy partner, and welcome to Cattle Country, the only cozy cowboy life-sim adventure, coming to PC via Steam from publisher Playtonic Friends and developer Castle Pixel. Cattle Country takes you on a wholesome adventure as a determined pioneer travelling west to start a new life in a pixel art prairie paradise. Think Red Dead Redemption meets Stardew Valley, and you’ll be heading to the right rodeo! 

Experience all that the Wild West has to offer as you start to settle into your new place. Build a home, try your hand at fishing and hunting and start farming.  Work with the locals to develop your town and make friends with your fellow settlers. You can even go mining for gold or maybe find love with one of the 18 romanceable characters! But beware, things ain’t always warm and fuzzy. Be prepared to protect your new found home as you take on bandits, protect your crops from pests and guard your livestock from cattle rustlers. And a final word to the wise, a little digging might just uncover some dastardly plots taking shape in your community. Be sure to keep a lookout! 

So pull up a chair, pour yourself a sarsaparilla and watch the brand new announcement trailer for Cattle Country narrated by the legendary cowboy voice actor Roger Clark

Watch the Cattle Country announcement trailer below: 

About Cattle Country

Here is a taste of some of the wild adventures awaiting you as you become part of this small community of settlers, and part of a story that’s as old as these hills. Welcome to Cattle Country

Ranchin’ and Handcraftin’ – Making your home on the range is a modern departure. From sunup to sundown, you’ll be rollin’ up your sleeves and gettin’ your hands dirty working the land and raising your cattle. Building and crafting as you go to make your own little slice of heaven under the blue skies of Cattle Country.

Swappin’ stories and settlin’ in with your neighbours – Get to know the townsfolk, hear their stories, help them out. The people here are a hardy bunch – you’ve got be to survive here. But they have hearts as warm as a hearth in the wintertime if you make the effort to stoke the flames. 

Beware of Bandits – Not everyone in Cattle Country is the warm and fuzzy type, so watch out for nefarious plots and shady characters. Protect your homestead and your community.

Rodeos to Romance – Making friends is a must in the Wilderness, relying on each other through thick and thin. But maybe you’ve got a yearnin’ for more? With 18 romanceable characters, take a chance and grab love by the reigns.

Buried Treasure – Did yer hear? There’s treasure in the mines, for those who are brave enough to look for it. From precious metals and minerals to bandit stashes. Grab your pickaxe and venture out into the thrill of prospecting.

Trackin’ game in the wild – From bunnies to bovine, there’s many a critter waiting in the woodlands for a keen adventurer. Hunting to eat or venturing out just to see all of nature’s wonders, it’s your call.

Cattle Country is developed by Castle Pixel and published by Playtonic Friends and will be released on PC via Steam. Budding buckaroos can add Cattle Country to their Steam Wishlist now. 

About Playtonic Friends

The studio that brought you Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair, Playtonic launched their publishing arm, Playtonic Friends to be a helping hand to indie developers around the world. Established in February 2021 Playtonic Friends has helped bring incredible titles such as B.P.M, Demon Turf, Blossom Tales 2 and Lil Gator Game to wider audiences.

About Castle Pixel

Castle Pixel are a small creative indie dev team based in the US and Canada. They are devoted to making big new adventures inspired by the classics they grew up with! Get ready for a new experience from the team that brought you Blossom Tales and Rex Rocket.