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Run and Fun Together as RunOut is Revealed for PC 

Get ready for whimsical animal antics with WakaStudio’s fun-packed multiplayer party game. 

Bangkok, Thailand – June 10th 2024. Exciting indie Developer WakaStudio is thrilled to officially reveal their fun, frantic and charming multiplayer party game RunOut. Officially revealed during the Future Games Show Summer Showcase with a brand new gameplay trailer, RunOut will be coming to PC via Steam later in 2024 and fans can Wishlist the game now! 

Drawing inspiration from classics like Super Mario and Fall Guys, RunOut is an exhilarating party game for up to 8 players. Pick a cute animal character, race through obstacle courses, and be the first to grab the stuffed bear. With its crowd-pleasing online multiplayer gameplay, RunOut is a fast-paced mix of racing, battling, and fun aimed at all gamers from casual to seasoned. Using a unique blend of 2D-like perspectives and beautifully crafted 3D models, RunOut creates a visually striking experience that compliments the captivating multiplayer gameplay to keep players on the edge of their seats! 

Check out the new gameplay trailer get ready for all the heart-pounding party game action. 


  • Gameplay Perspectives – Features a unique blend of both 3D and 2.5D views, enhancing visual depth and gameplay experience. 
  • Unpredictable Levels – With randomly generated courses, no two races are the same, ensuring endless replayability with exciting, unpredictable courses.
  • Dynamic Challenges – A constantly moving screen pushes players to act quickly, heightening the race’s urgency and excitement.
  • Surprise Switches – Levels contain random switches that can trigger helpful bonuses or create chaotic obstacles.
  • Player Combat – Characters use unique skills to disrupt rivals or clear their way to victory.
  • Accessibility & Depth – Simple controls invite players of all skill levels, while strategic depth offers substantial challenges.
  • Customization – Personalize characters with various outfits to influence style.
  • Community Engagement – Welcomes both casual and competitive players into a vibrant, engaging community.

RunOut will be coming to PC via Steam later in 2024 and is developed by WakaStudio. Check out all the fun and games in the developer Steam Broadcast on the Steam page now, and add the game to your Wishlist! 

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