Pre-Orders Available Now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, PC via Microsoft Store and Steam

SYDNEY (June 13, 2024) – Today, Square Enix® unveiled a colourful new trailer for the next mainline instalment to the Mana series, Visions of Mana and announced that the game is releasing Aug. 29, 2024, for PlayStation®5 (PS5®), PlayStation®4 (PS4®), Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft Store and PC via STEAM ®. The new trailer for the highly anticipated action-RPG reveals new playable characters and gameplay features that players will encounter on their exciting journey. Pre-orders for Visions of Mana are now available across all platforms.

Watch the Visions of Mana | Launch Date Trailer below:

Visions of Mana is a brand-new story and mainline entry to the Mana series and follows the journey of Val, a newly appointed soul guard who is tasked with accompanying his childhood friend, Hinna, a chosen alm to the Tree of Mana. The new trailer introduces new characters Palamena and Julei who Val and Hinna befriend on their journey through the vast world to reach the Tree of Mana. In Visions of Mana, players will be able to build their own three-person dream team while in battle, switching between the five playable characters, Val, Careena, Morley, Palamena, and Julei with supporting companions, Ramcoh, Aesh and Hinna assisting from the side.

The new trailer provides a closer look at some of the latest gameplay features, including the Elemental Vessels, the mystical artifacts that house the power of the elements within them. Players can use the Elemental Vessels to change classes and gain new abilities during battles. With each character possessing their own specific class for each Elemental Vessel, players can customise their team line up to enjoy a flexible, fast-paced fighting style. Visions of Mana also sees the return of the series staple in-battle Ring Menu, allowing players to pause combat and plan out their next move. Elemental triggers can also be found throughout the vibrant world and used to unlock new places to explore and find hidden items on the map.

Since the series’ debut in 1993 as MYSTIC QUEST™, a spin-off of the FINAL FANTASY series, Mana games have immersed players in bright vibrant worlds, breath-taking environments, heart-warming characters, and high fantasy storylines across many genres and platforms. Based on 30 years of legacy, Mana Series Producer, Masaru Oyamada and his team are incorporating everything they have learned from the last seventeen Mana games to ensure that Visions of Mana is a faithful addition to the series that fans know and love, while also offerings fans and newcomers a fresh new experience with an all-new story, characters, and gameplay mechanics.

Visions of Mana will be launching on Aug. 29, 2024 for PS5®, PS4® consoles, Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft Store and STEAM®.  For more information, visit: https://mana.square-enix-games.com

About the Mana Series

Originally released in 1993 as “MYSTIC QUEST™,” a spin-off title for the “FINAL FANTASY™” series, the game’s positive reception established it as its own standalone action RPG franchise.​​

The unique elements that make a true Mana game include; an emotional narrative about the power of mana, the legendary Mana Sword, a quirky cast of characters, memorable music, and a weapon-based battle system. The Mana series has released 17 titles over the last 30+ years and sold over 9 million copies/downloads worldwide. The demand for the franchise from its fans has seen several Mana games re-mastered and re-released in the West over the last console generation.​

About Square Enix Ltd.

Square Enix Ltd. develops, publishes, distributes, and licenses SQUARE ENIX and TAITO branded entertainment content in Europe and other PAL territories as part of the Square Enix group of companies. The Square Enix group of companies boasts a valuable portfolio of intellectual property including FINAL FANTASY™, which has sold over 185 million units worldwide; DRAGON QUEST™, which has sold over 88 million units worldwide; and the legendary SPACE INVADERS™. Square Enix Ltd. is a London-based, wholly owned subsidiary of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd.

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