Future of Play Direct Features 32 Announcements, Demos & More

Over 1 million viewers tuned in to Saturday’s cosmic games showcase

ALPHA CENTAURI June 11, 2024 – Saturday marked the fifth year of GLITCH’s Future Of Play Direct, a cosmic games showcase hosted by VTuber Melios the Android. Broadcast across Twitch, YouTube, and Steam as part of Summer Game Fest’s weekend line-up, the 45-minute show featured 32 thrilling new game announcements, demo reveals, trailer debuts, and more from developers all around the world. All of the announcements are detailed in the Future Of Play Direct program, and anyone who missed the show can catch it now on GLITCH’s YouTube channel.

Headlining Future Of Play Direct were four never-before-seen game reveals: card-battling RPG Battle Suit Aces (Trinket Studios), town-building sim Croakwood (Texel Raptor), dance battle adventure All Systems Dance (Mighty Yell Studios), and story-driven roleplaying deck-builder Sandara: City of a Thousand Eclipses (Studio Malosi). The showcase also featured news, gameplay, and music for games like Slay the Princess, ALZARA Radiant Echoes, and Nova Hearts, as well as a first look at ten new demos, all playable on Steam now. The showcase also revealed in-game collaborations with Dungeon Clawler and Cozy Marbles, which are playable in the demos now!

All featured games are available to buy or wishlist now on the Future Of Play Direct Steam event page. For updates on future editions of Future Of Play Direct, sign up for GLITCH’s newsletter, subscribe to the YouTube channel, and follow on Twitter at @heyglitch.


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