Dystopian City Deck-Builder Ironhive’s Demo Out Now on Steam

Establish your colony and survive the desolate wastes until June 16

NICOSIA, Cyprus June 10, 2024 – Developer Wondernaut Studio and publisher CRITICAL REFLEX have released the first demo for the deck-building strategy game Ironhive, available to play now until June 16 on Steam. The announcement was made during the Latin American Games Showcase with an atmospheric new trailer which sets the stage for the challenges that lie ahead as you try to create a legacy that lives on for generations to come.

In Ironhive’s hour-long demo, players will step into the shoes of the Ironlord for up to one in-game year, with access to all Tier One buildings. During each of the four seasons, players will receive a series of quests to learn the essentials of the game. Learn how to carefully use turns and resources to collect additional cards and materials to build and sustain your Hive. The survival and stability of your colony depends on taking strategic management turns, tackling disastrous situations, and swiftly reaching timed milestones.

About Ironhive

The world as we know it ended hundreds of years ago with the fall of humanity, known as “The Great Collapse.” Over time, groups of survivors began to establish new settlement-fortress-cities called “Ironhives.”

Ironhive challenges players to survive a harsh, dystopian future through an interconnected system of deck building, city building, exploration, resource management, and more. As the Ironlord, you’ll build your colony, lead your people, explore the hostile world around you, and do everything in your power to withstand its harsh challenges. Every decision will contribute to building your Legacy, acquiring Cultural Traits that will affect subsequent colonies.

Ironhive is available to demo and wishlist now on Steam. For the latest info, follow the game on Twitter, join the official Discord, and visit the website to subscribe to the newsletter.

About Wondernaut Studio

Driven by stories and fantastical worlds, Wondernaut Studio was founded in early 2020 by Pablo Abraham and Bruno Klipel, professionals passionate about creating experiences that not only entertain but also enlighten and enrich lives. We achieve this through original aesthetics, captivating music, and engaging narratives, focusing on transforming each game into a unique journey that takes players beyond their everyday realities.


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