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Dorado Games announces Grand RTS Strategy Game, Conflict of Nations: World War III, has launched Season 14!

Join the developers on steam to celebrate the new season with a Q&A today at 18:00 CET!

Dorado Games | Malta, June 26th – Now is the best time to join over 980,000 monthly active users as the grand real time strategy game, Conflict of Nations: World War 3, unleashes Season 14! Strrategic commanders will be able to change the face of war with the new satellite unit, unlocking with it endless opportunities for intelligence gathering and ultimately…total military domination! Knowing your enemy has never been more crucial in wargaming, with intel, stealth and a focus on Reconnaissance taking center stage in Season 14!

Available now on IOS, Android and Steam, this epic Long Term Strategy Game lets you take control of the armed forces of your nation. Become responsible for its military expansion, technological research and economic development. Form alliances and wage total war for global dominance on the battlefields of World War 3. With a tech tree with the depth of the pacific, an impressive arsenal of unit and weapon options for players to become fully immersed in the art of war. For new and existing players alike, it’s time to bite the bullet and enjoy your new favorite strategy game.


  • Satellite Unit: bringing even more diversity to warfare, the new satellite unit allows players to discreetly gather intelligence and information about their foes and can turn the tides of war in favor of the most unassuming underdog! Despite not being a direct combat unit, it offers players an efficient means to infiltrate enemy territory, thanks to its swift speed and extensive view range. A perfectly destructive unit when paired with the Elite Commando. 
  • Join our cofounder Nick Porsche and members of the design team for Dorado’s first broadcast, 18:00 CET, as they show off the new season and answer questions from the community. 
  • Friendslist: with the addition of the friend list feature to Conflict of Nations, players are able to seamlessly team up with friends and other players and show might in numbers.
  • More news coming soon: Commanders this season should keep their eyes to the skies and check our Discord for more information on the new season and future news! Don’t forget to accumulate Season Points by eliminating units in any of your games—every kill counts!

Conflict of Nations Key Features 

  • GRAND Real Time Strategy: War wasn’t won in a day, and neither is Conflict of Nations. Prove your military might in online multiplayer matches against up to 140 other players. 
  • Show the Might of your Munitions: Your arsenal includes a range of some of the most powerful weapons known to man. But be warned, these weapons come at a cost: Contamination, crimes against humanity, and declining national morale to name a few.
  • Turn Formidable Foes into Allies (and then back into foes): Enter enduring alliances, negotiate with other players over resource trades and if needs must- betrayal is always an option.  

Thats all for now Commander! Jump straight into the action and download and play Conflict of Nations: World War 3 on PC and mobile!

About Dorado Games

We’re an established games studio located at Balluta Bay on the sunny Maltese Islands. We’re focusing on designing, developing and marketing digital online games with a focus on mid core players from all over the world. In a relaxed yet productive environment the team draws on knowledge from more than 60 published titles across many platforms.

Being a member of the Stillfront Group Family, we are supported by a strong partner network all over Europe. Just a short hop from most European locations by plane, the entrepreneurial and creative vibe of the island drives our international team consisting of an ever growing team of German, Maltese, Chinese, Hungarian, Polish, Lithuanian, Spanish, Italian and Macedonian nationalities.

About Stillfront

Stillfront is a global gaming company. We develop a wide range of digital games that attract over 50 million people each month. From well-established franchises like Home Design, Big Farm, and Supremacy to niche games, we span many different genres, including strategy, simulation, RPG and action, and casual and mash-up games.

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