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Dive Deeper Into RuneScape-Inspired Idle Adventure ‘Melvor Idle’ with New Expansion ‘Into the Abyss’ Out Today

Head Into the Abyss on an all-new adventure in Melvor Idle, a RuneScape-themed role-playing game

Thursday, 13th June 2024, Cambridge, UK. Prepare to embark on a treacherous mission ‘Into the Abyss’ in the latest DLC expansion for Melvor Idle, available now on PC, iOS, and Android.

Melvor Idle: Into the Abyss brings a brand new-chapter to the beloved RuneScape-inspired adventure with a challenging combat encounter against a powerful adversary: Xon, the Abyssal King. Diving deeper into Melvor Idle’s endgame, Into the Abyss is a feature-rich expansion that follows the unforeseen consequences following the defeat of Bane. Venture into the Abyssal Realm, a treacherous land dominated by conflict where players find themselves on the frontline, armed with the task of putting a stop to Xon and his wicked ways. 

In the heart of the Abyss, players will come face to face with waves of enemies as well as two new Combat Challenges designed to test players skills. Challenge yourself in the Stronghold, a brand new type of Combat Challenge that pits players against hordes of enemies, with bountiful rewards for those who manage to reign victorious and reclaim enemy territory.

To aid players’ descent into the deep, Into the Abyss includes two Abyssal Skills: Harvesting and Corruption, alongside the introduction of Abyssal Skill levels for every base game skill. With over 900 new items, 20+ new pets, and 100+ new monsters to defeat, Into The Abyss delivers new gameplay and abilities branching from each player’s unique preference. New ‘Abyssal Levels’ will also provide new content, encouraging exploration and opportunity to strengthen skills.

Melvor Idle is a RuneScape-themed idle/incremental game with rich mechanics and player experience at the focus. With all the thrill of an adventure game stripped away into its purest form, Melvor Idle delivers a fresh experience for both RuneScape and role-playing fans alike.

Melvor Idle is available now on Steam, iOS and Android. Melvor Idle: Into the Abyss is available now for Steam, iOS, and Android for $4.99/£4.29/€4.99 For more information, visit jagex.com.

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