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Mullet MadJack: Game inspired by Old School anime arrives on Steam

With the confirmed release date, the game promises to revive the golden era of classic anime

04/23/2024 – The wait is finally over for retro gaming enthusiasts and fans of classic anime! Mullet MadJack, the latest release from developer Hammer95 Studios published by Epopeia Games, will be available to players worldwide on the Steam platform starting from 05/15/2024. 

Mullet MadJack immerses players in an engaging gaming experience, transporting them to a world full of excitement. With a unique fusion of elements influenced by classic 90s FPS games, strategy, and intense action, this game promises to keep players entertained for hours on end. It’s no surprise that it has garnered 150.000 wishlists, demonstrating the community’s great interest in the title.



On an exciting journey inspired by classic anime, you’ll be immersed in the cyberpunk world of Mullet MadJack, set in the year 90…2090.

Your mission is clear: to rescue the planet’s most famous influencer from the clutches of a dangerous criminal organization, composed of powerful billionaire robots. Meanwhile, you’ll face violent battles, as you’re a dopamine-addicted vigilante who will do anything to secure your own fix with deadly challenges, while advancing floor by floor through a massive skyscraper.

As you progress through the floors, an eager crowd for action follows your every move through streaming broadcasts. This public exposure adds more tension, increasing the pressure on you and the need to perform increasingly impressive feats.

Your battle isn’t just to free the kidnapped influencer but also to preserve your own reputation and entertain those who are watching.

Get ready for a journey full of dangers, thrilling challenges, and surprising twists in the best Badass Old-School style.

“We love the golden age of Japanese anime from the 80s and 90s, and we want to pay tribute to that magical era with this game.” says Alessandro Martinello. 

What makes Mullet MadJack unique: 

  • Exciting and dynamic combat: Race against time and infiltrate a building alone, overcoming each floor until you reach your objective.
  • Campaign mode: Clear floors filled with robots, and in crucial moments, execute ultraviolent finishes on your enemies to survive. 
  • Survival mode: Utilize your skills in an endless mode and outdo your friends. 
  • Unique visual and art style: The contrasting colors between black and vibrant evoke the aesthetics of violent and adult anime from the era of VHS tapes. 
  • Engaging narrative: Set in an Old School cyberpunk world full of robots, the aesthetics of 90s anime merge with an action-packed environment. 
  • Nostalgic soundtrack: Inspired by the synthwave genre, the soundtrack sets the tone and urban atmosphere of the game. Character: Enhance your character with smart choices so that you can reach the top floor in the best possible time or you’ll have to try again, all in the best Rogue-Lite style. But remember that each upgrade will affect how the game is played. 

Mullet MadJack is a highly fast-paced first-person action-adventure game designed for single-player. It draws inspiration from the Badass Old-School classic anime of the 80s and 90s, featuring a retro aesthetic and immersive gameplay that transports players back to the nostalgic era. 

The game features vibrant colors, memorable characters, and a unique story, providing an authentic experience for both gaming enthusiasts and anime fans alike. 

About Hammer95 Studios 

Hammer95 is a collective of 3 devs who love the aesthetic of old anime and aim to bring back that nostalgia!