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MapleStory Celebrates 19 Incredible Years with New Playable Class and Mayple Island Events! 

Celebrate 19 Years of MapleStory with New Class Lynn and Mayple Island Events! 

LOS ANGELES – May 2, 2024 – MapleStory, Nexon’s popular, side-scrolling 2D MMORPG, is excited to kick off its 19th-anniversary celebrations on May 1 with the introduction of a new playable class and events taking place through throughout Mayple Island, a dream world unknown to ordinary people. Ameryl, who has been caring for this dream world, invites all heroes to Mayple Island!

Enjoy a new playable class: Forest Child Lynn! 

Beast Tamer is getting revamped to Forest Child, Lynn with a complete make-over such as new graphics, skill animations and a reworked skill system to improve her gameplay! 

The Forest Child is a human who over innumerable reincarnations over the ages has communicated with the Spirit Guides and Forest Master, Gaia, to help protect the forest. The Forest Child can only awaken by remembering the names of the Spirit Guides. Will you help Lynn awaken and bring about the circulation of the forest’s powers?  

The introduction of Lynn comes with an attendance check event, where Lynn characters Lv.101+ can participate in the event by hunting monsters. Don’t forget to claim the exclusive Lynn themed rewards such as Lynn Outfit and Weapon set, Lotus Petal Mount, Lil Gaia Pet, Great Tree Chair and more during this limited time event! 

Characters Lv. 101+ can take part in the Mayple Island celebratory events with fellow Maplers! 

The anniversary update features jam-packed Mayple Island Events! Join your fellow Maplers and take part in numerous events such as the Mayple’s Heartwarming Dream, Mayple Memoria, Maple Express and more! 

Get started with the Mayple Wish Orb which collects Sparkling Dream Pieces to maintain the dream island of Mayple Island. Fill the Wish Orb with wishes and receive rich gifts by participating in the following missions every day – Mayple Adventure, Mayple Fiesta, and Mayple Challengers.  

Mayple Adventure features Dungeon Blast and Frozen Blast where you team up with other players (cross-world matchmaking available) to earn EXP points. Each player may choose one of the following characters (no overlap): Warrior, Magician, Bowman, Thief. In this nostalgic arcade-style minigame where strategizing with friends using each characters’ playstyle is crucial to defeat the final boss, are you ready for this adventure?   

In Mayple Fiesta, help Mariela bloom Mayple flowers and recover sparkling memories that are important to Mayple Island. Activate the skill and hunt monsters around your level to fill up the gauge and receive EXP and Mayple Leaves which you can use to trade in for enhancement rewards in the event shops. 

Also, participate in different minigames with Maple Challengers! Flana has prepared a variety of minigames for everybody that will change as the weeks go on. Compete for the highest score in Infinity Race by racing against others, try your dance moves in the Club V Dance Party, and more in order to earn Maple Candy that you can trade in for special cosmetic items! 

Experience the magic of the Forest with New Class Lynn during this special anniversary Update and make sure to enjoy lots of fun-filled, exciting events and minigames with your fellow Maplers on the fantastic Mayple Island! 

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MapleStory is a beloved, 2D side-scrolling online MMORPG known for its distinctive gameplay and unique art style. This iconic game’s popularity has fueled its expansion to the far corners of the globe with several services of MapleStory available to players around the world. In 2005, the Global version of MapleStory launched and has continued to grow and evolve alongside its passionate community of millions of fans. 

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