Magic: The Gathering announces exclusive rewards and unique tournaments for Modern Horizons III!

Magic: The Gathering Players rejoice: the flames of the Dragon ignite once again for the 2024 APAC League Season 2 qualifiers! This new in-store play season features the upcoming Modern Horizons III (MH3) set and newly available Year of the Dragon promotions. As part of these celebrations, select stores in Australia and New Zealand will run special MH3 Constructed Tournaments with exclusive prizes, and a scaled-up suite of rewards.

Modern Horizons III Brewer’s Showcase Tournaments

Between 21 and 23 June, select WPN stores will host special Modern constructed tournaments. Players will be challenged to showcase their deckbuilding skills in a format unique to these tournaments: all decks must include a minimum of 15 cards whose first Modern-legal printing was in MH3. 

Winners of these tournaments will receive a Collector Booster box filled with rare and desirable cards, and a number of top players will win unique rewards such as exclusive playmats and card sleeves designed specifically for these events. 

APAC League Season 2

Separate to the Brewer’s Showcase tournaments, 2024 APAC League Season 2 qualifier events will be held at participating WPN stores from 14 June through 19 July. Exclusive to MH3 qualifier events, such as MH3 Sealed, additional prizes will be offered on top of the previously announced promotional full-art Mountain card. Rewards include previous APAC League Year of the Rabbit themed rewards such as unique Playmats, Deck Boxes, and Sleeves. These exclusive rewards are only available to players participating in Season 2 qualifier events.

Players can find their closest MH3 Constructed Tournaments and 2024 APAC League Season 2 qualifying events by using the WPN store and event locator. You can read more on the official Wizards of the Coast blog post.