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Guild Wars 2: Secrets of The Obscure Concludes on May 21 with ‘The Midnight King’

All New Fractal of the Mists and Convergence Challenge Mode Push Players to the Brink in Epic Expansion Conclusion 

BELLEVUE, WA – May 14, 2024 – The climactic final release for Secrets of the Obscure launches on May 21, free for all expansion owners. Titled “The Midnight King”, this conclusionary chapter of Guild Wars 2’s 2023 expansion features a challenging array of new gameplay additions, including the thrilling finale between the Astral Ward and the extra-planar Kryptis. An epic new open world meta event awaits players in the Inner Nayos map, taking them to the very gates of the Citadel of Zakiros. To help augment heroes’ kits, the legendary armor introduced in February’s “Realm of Dreams” update can be upgraded to a visually stunning second tier, and new relics will increase character build possibilities.  

Today ArenaNet released a launch trailer, which you can viewed below.

In addition to the closing chapter of the expansion, this release also features The Lonely Tower, a new Fractal of the Mist in Guild Wars 2’s unique five-player instance encounter game mode. A new final boss stands ready in Convergences, SotO’s epic 50-player PvE engagement, and a much more difficult challenge mode for all Convergences bosses has been added to give players the ability to demonstrate their skill against the best the Kryptis have to muster. A refresh of the rewards from the Wizard’s Vault arrives alongside a new UI update that allows players to customize the color and shape of their targeting reticle while using Action Camera, and other goodies earnable in-game round out the prizes up for grabs.

For more information about Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure, please visit the official web site.

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