SEOUL – May 16, 2024 – Classic beat ‘em up MMORPG Dungeon Fighter Online is igniting adventure with a major update, “Season 8 Act 3. Verge of Recollection.” In the update, fighters can trek through the new “Verge of Recollection” dungeon solo or with the help of friends to reap plentiful rewards useful for boosting character stats. Seasoned players can try their hand at “Exceed” mode to test their skills against progressively more troublesome dungeons. Additionally, adventurers can enjoy six brand-new events helpful for leveling up and upgrading equipment.

Dungeon Fighter Online (DFO) invites players around the world into a thrilling 2D beat ‘em up MMORPG experience filled with action-packed raids and explorable dungeons. With lively 2D visuals and classic side-scrolling action, DFO delivers fast-paced gameplay and a wealth of character customization. Set in the adventurous world of Arad, fighters band together to explore expansive landscapes and confront the malevolent Apostles threating the realms.

DFO’s massive May update features lots of fresh content for players, including:

  • “Verge of Recollection” – Brave fighters can prepare themselves for epic combat in DFO’s latest dungeon, “Verge of Recollection.” Players can enter solo or in a party, and can earn useful rewards such as Boundary Fragment, Epic Equipment, Dim Floating Stone, Warped Dimension Cube and more to boost character stats.
  • “Exceed” Mode – Veteran players can test their mettle in this new mode that spawns them into grueling variants of the White Cloud Valley and Solidaris dungeons, each of which become more challenging over time. Clearing dungeons in “Exceed” mode grants more valuable materials for players keen to maximize their loot.
  • Quality of Life Updates – Neople has implemented essential improvements to assist players in their everyday journeys, including updates/changes to the Growth System, Explorer Club Circle System, characters, and equipment options and improvements.

Six new events in correlation with DFO’s May content updates are also added:

  • Need Any Customs? – Players who complete daily, weekly and accumulated tasks will receive various rewards, including the Harmonious Mist Cube that helps secure their desired Custom Equipment.
  • New Growth, More Support – With the equipment growth system renewed, players can clear easy weekly and accumulated missions such as “Disassemble Epic Equipment” to get essential materials needed for Equipment Growth.
  • Growing Pains Begone – Material costs needed for Equipment Growth are 90% off, making now the ideal time to grow equipment levels.
  • Seon Weekly Missions – Fighters can clear various dungeons to increase their Play Gauge and receive useful materials such as Condensed Mist Core, Refined Mist, Boundary Fragment and Repair Coupons for additional support.
  • Scholar Riki’s Research Support – In the new “Verge of Recollection” dungeon, players can use the unique Enhance Synchronization feature to acquire enticing rewards, including Legendary Cards.
  • Exceed your Limits – A special Title awaits adventures who overcome the most difficult trials.

Dungeon Fighter Online can be played for free on PC via the official Neople launcher, Steam, and the Epic Games Store. More details on Dungeon Fighter Online’s “Season 8 Act 3. Verge of Recollection” update and can be found in the event webpage and new trailer. See all below:

  • Dungeon Fighter Online Official Webpage: [LINK]
  • Dungeon Fighter Online May Update Page: [LINK]

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