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Decimated Out Now on Epic Store

Upcoming cyberpunk survival RPG 

May 10, 2024– Independent game development studios Fracture Labs announces that Decimated, a survival role-playing game, is now available on the Epic Games Store. The game will be launched on Steam in 2024.

Decimated is a third-person PvP and PvE online survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world, where players must scavenge for resources and navigate a fractured society while facing environmental hazards and rival survivors. 

With support from an Epic Mega Grant and $3.5M investment from entities like Mechanism Capital and Polygon Ventures, Decimated integrates the DIO token economy on the Solana chain, revolutionizing economic gameplay and fostering a large community with 60k Twitter followers and 23k Discord members. 

Players can earn currency through various means, such as salvaging and virtual market trading. As an official sponsor of Token2049 Dubai, Decimated demonstrates its commitment to blockchain innovation and immersive gaming.

The game’s listing on the Epic Games Store and the upcoming open alpha in late 2024 anticipate further community growth, aiming to redefine online gaming with its immersive world and dynamic player interactions.


  • Salvage resources.
  • Technology and digital currency.
  • Repair vehicles, build bases, and fortify shelters.
  • Hunt, ambush, loot, and trade.
  • Multiplayer, 3rd-person combat.
  • 3 classes with special abilities.
  • Grenades, jetpacks, hover/land vehicles, & AI.

About Fracture Labs

Fracture Labs are a team of Unreal Engine game developers with previous experience working on many successful AAA videogames for PC, console and mobile. Our team are distributed between Portugal, Ukraine, Russia, Romania, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Brazil and more. We also work with some of the best production partners in the industry for art, animation and co-development.