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Ancient Forge Celebrates 5th Anniversary with an Anniversary Sale, Promising 2024 Roadmap 

Glorious Companions’ full release, a new unannounced project are on the way!

Warsaw, Poland — 8 May, 2024 — Ancient Forge, the developer co-founded by two industry veterans and friends, Dushan Chaciej and Max Strzelecki, today celebrates its 5th anniversary. To mark the occasion, the company presents its upcoming plans for this year with a full roadmap for 2024, starting with the Blockbuster Inc. release on Thursday, June 6th.   

Ancient Forge will also reveal a brand new project during one of the upcoming June showcases. 

Since the team has increased from 20 to 50 talented developers, Ancient Forge has ramped up its ambitions to work on multiple different projects, some of which the team eagerly shares updates on today.

Glorious Companions 

After the successful launch of The Tenants, Ancient Forge got back to work on Glorious Companions, the turn-based tactical RPG game set in the fantasy world of Navaroth. December 2024 will mark the full release, which will introduce tons of new features and upgrades requested during Early Access. 

Recent changes made to Glorious Companions include:

  • 12 new battle maps – each biome will have its own fitting setting. 
  • Five dungeons with progressively harder fights, epic loot, new unique enemies, and fearsome bosses. 
  • A lot of balancing, fixing, and QoL updates.

Implemented changes in Glorious Companions that will be further updated include:

  • Beautiful Brand new World Map – crafted by hand, replacing the current design. 
  • Prologue – main story with tutorial serves as a better starting point, after which the world opens up for free exploration. 

Here’s what’s in store for Glorious Companions in the lead up to 1.0:

  • New side quests provide greater variety when exploring the new world. 
  • New points of interest with challenges to overcome. 
  • Overhauled UI provides better, smoother gameplay. 

Anniversary Sale – 50% for 5 years of Ancient Forge!

Ancient Forge prepared a great offer with a 50% sale on Steam for their games: Glorious Companions, a turn-based tactical RPG in a fantasy setting, and their successful landlord simulator – The Tenants. The sale will be active for a week and kicks off today, Tuesday, May 7th.

…And Broadcasts. During the sale, Ancient Forge will run broadcasts for Blockbuster Inc., The Tenants, Glorious Companions, and The Constructors.

“There is a great deal of wisdom we have managed to collect over the last 15 years in the industry,” said Maksymilian Strzelecki, Co-Founder & Technical Director. “Each new project is poised to expand on that foundation and cultivate the image of Ancient Forge as a studio that is really only rivaled by itself.”

For more information, visit the official Ancient Forge website, or follow the team on X/Twitter for the latest updates.

About Ancient Forge

Ancient Forge is a game development and publishing company from Poland led by experienced game developers with a strong passion for mechanics-heavy games.

The whole team works fully remote, without a dedicated office. It is Ancient Forge’s belief that remote work is the optimal way to run a small game development company in this day and age. Scouting the best talent, the team is committed to building games in a small but highly skilled team, employing more than fifty incredible individuals, allowing for multiple projects to be simultaneously worked on.