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A Closer Look at The Fantastic Creatures of Titan Quest II

Munich, Germany / Vienna, Austria – April 30, 2024: Combat is an integral aspect of every ARPG, and Titan Quest II is no exception. It’s not just how you fight that matters, but also who or what you’re fighting against. Thanks to Titan Quest II’s special setting in ancient times, the game draws inspiration from Greek and other ancient mythologies. This allows for a wide variety of wild and weird beasts to challenge players.

Today’s Developer Diary spotlights two distinct creatures: the Gryphon, a well-known monster from many different books, movies, and games – the Gryphon. While the Hippokampi are a much rarer sight, they still make up for a formidable, fierce, and frightening adversary!

Read the latest dev diary on Steam now: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1154030/view/4175475797755916830

Titan Quest II | Announcement Trailer

Forged in the creative crucible of Grimlore Games in Germany, Titan Quest II is currently under development. This epic odyssey is destined for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S/X, eagerly anticipated to launch when the time comes.

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Learn more on the official website: https://titanquest2.thqnordic.com/

About Titan Quest II

Return to the classic mythology-inspired setting of Titan Quest and go toe-to-toe with legendary monsters as you journey across a fantastical reimagining of ancient Greece. Nemesis, Goddess of Retribution, is out of control. She is corrupting the Threads of Fate and condemning all those who oppose her to eternal punishment – including you. Take up your weapon, fight alongside gods, and change fate itself in order to stop Nemesis, free those she’s punished, and weave your own epic tale.

From the creators of SpellForce 3 comes a handcrafted action RPG for a new generation of mythical heroes.

  • A World of Myth and Monsters
    Set out on an adventure worthy of myth that takes you from picturesque beaches, to serene Greek temples, to places where no mortal has ever ventured, including the mysterious realm of the Moirai themselves. Battle classic creatures from Greek myth and the original Titan Quest, including Ichthians, Centaurs, Satyrs, Harpies, Sirens, Gryphons, and many, many more.
  • Exploration-Focused Campaign
    The world is full of mysteries and secrets to discover. Legendary monsters lurk in hidden groves, and you never know when you will end up face-to-face with a god. Visit memorable towns full of life and intrigue. The conversations you engage in and the items you find along your journey can lead to surprising discoveries, or they might just hold the key to stopping Nemesis. This is your adventure.
  • A Challenge Fit for a Hero
    Heroic deeds require heroic effort. The enemies you face are far from defenseless – dodge and counter their attacks, then overwhelm them with a well-timed flurry of blows. Powerful rituals allow you to freely control the game’s difficulty, while deep character customization systems ensure that there’s always a good reason to replay.
  • Flexible Character System
    Customize your hero, then form your own class by combining two masteries. Build your character around the strengths and weakness of both masteries, exploring different combinations of skill modifiers, attributes, and items to create your own hybrid class and find your favorite playstyle.
  • Meaningful Loot
    Every item serves a function, and every character class has many options when it comes to finding the perfect equipment. Even the most common spear can be upgraded via affix crafting, and with the right ingredients, you may even forge it into a unique item spoken of only in legend.
  • Challenging Action RPG Combat
    Enemies form factions and work together, combining their unique skills and abilities to keep you on your toes. Use the deep character build system and access every skill at your disposal to vanquish them in this unique action RPG experience.
  • A Beautiful, Handcrafted World Rooted in Greek Myth
    Encounter stunning vistas and deep caverns, and traverse the world with your divine mount, Areion. Use the powers of the gods to uncover secret locations and explore lovingly designed levels full of verticality.
  • Online Multiplayer
    Join up with friends to take on the Goddess of Retribution. Like Jason and the Argonauts, sometimes you need a group of heroes for your journey.
  • Rich and Immersive Sound
    An atmospheric soundtrack blends traditional Greek music with modern orchestral elements to create epic, memorable themes, drawing you into Titan Quest II’s unique world

Learn more on the Titan Quest II’s official website: Official Website

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