Off to new horizons! With the Quest 3 mixed reality headset for Lufthansa, MSM.digital and Meta are opening up unprecedented perspectives in in-flight entertainment

Hamburg, May 16 2024 – Meta business partner MSM.digital, a subsidiary of the international 1SP Agency Holding, has developed a ground-breaking concept for Lufthansa’s in-flight entertainment. The program is based on the Quest 3 mixed reality headset and, as part of a 6-month MVP* in selected Allegris Business Class Suites, offers passengers a completely new in-flight entertainment experience that literally makes travel time fly by.

An innovative concept for the future of travelling: MSM.digital is creating a buzz with its innovative concept: the new entertainment experience on the Quest 3 offers passengers immersive and interactive entertainment that goes far beyond traditional in-flight entertainment systems. “We are incredibly grateful for the trust that Meta and Lufthansa have placed in us,” says Camillo Stark, Deputy Managing Director of MSM.digital AR/VR Labs, another subsidiary of 1SP Agency. “The entire team has worked on this project with great passion, and we are very much looking forward to the upcoming launch.”

Markus Oeller, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of 1SP Agency, adds: “I am proud of our team at MSM.digital AR/VR Labs, who have created something truly ground-breaking. This project sets new standards in the field of in-flight entertainment with the Quest 3’s Travel Mode and impressively demonstrates the innovative potential of our 1SP Agency. By utilizing the latest mixed reality technologies, the travel experience of our customers is raised to a completely new level.” 

“MSM.digital’s understanding, experience and range of services in the implementation of XR solutions are unique. This reinforces our decision to have found the ideal partner for our XR projects in MSM.digital,” says Björn Becker, Head of Future Intercontinental Experience Programme at Lufthansa.

A new milestone in the evolution of aerial experience: The cooperation between MSM.digital, Meta and Lufthansa and the associated 6-month MVP for defined flights marks an important milestone in the evolution of flight experience. Passengers can be entertained in a completely new way in the new Allegris Business Class Suites. State-of-the-art mixed reality technologies are used to offer travelers an unforgettable experience. 

MSM.digital is responsible for the creation of all content, the technical implementation, and the distribution of the corresponding Quest 3 hardware on selected flights. To realize its high-quality standards, the company has worked closely with Meta to ensure that the hardware and software are seamlessly integrated and provide an optimal user experience.

*MVP: test phase to see how new technologies are received by passengers and what their requirements and wishes are for this solution on flights. In this case, the test phase lasts six months and takes place exclusively on selected flights in Business Class Suite seats.

About 1SP Agency:

1SP Agency (HQ in Hamburg) is an international agency holding company that offers comprehensive and integrated digital marketing and communication services along the entire customer journey. The company was founded by industry veterans Torsten Oppermann and Markus Oeller, the founders and managing directors of MSM.digital. With a passion for consumer electronics, gaming and technology, 1SP Agency’s team of experts combines strategic expertise, creative know-how and technical understanding to develop innovative solutions that offer real added value for customers and end consumers. 1SP Agency consists of more than 300 experts and offers services in 29 languages. As a thought leader and innovator in the consumer electronics, gaming and technology industries, 1SP Agency strives to successfully position brands in the international marketplace: