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Torchlight: Infinite Unveils Season SS4 “Whispering Mist” in Livestream Reveal 

New season-exclusive Mistville gameplay, hero, Activation Medium system, adjustments and optimizations across the board and season Pactspirit adjustments all revealed And anniversary rewards!

Shanghai, China — April 15, 2024 | Torchlight: Infinite, the beloved action-packed RPG game, unveiled a brand new season this weekend, mysteriously titled ‘Whispering Mist’. But what awaits players in the mists and will they be able to make it back alive?

Hosted by XD Games, Saturday’s livestream revealed more about this Cthulu-style season and its roguelike gameplay.  Players will step into the mists, exploring previously undiscovered areas, laying their hands on unique power-ups and accepting challenges to earn incredible rewards — if they’re brave enough to face what lurks at the edge of sight.

The home of this eerie roguelike adventure is Mistville — a once quaint town now engulfed by a mysterious fog. Encountering Mistville Residents, players put themselves at risk of infection as they step into the Netherrealm. Once their roguelike adventure is complete, Mistville holds plenty more secrets to uncover.

Treading these cobbled streets not as hunters, but as detectives, players can use lanterns to navigate and manage their Sanity while uncovering hidden secrets within the bones of this nightmarish town. They can throw open the doors of the Sanatorium, but beware, Mist Monsters lay in wait.

Clock Tower challenges offer rewards and Activation Mediums, triggering new abilities and synergies with skills. With enhanced Deduction Records and Activation Mediums, players delve deeper into Mistville’s mysteries, while adjustments to skill slots and legendary gear offer strategic depth. Resistance changes and new Ember types provide further customization, promising an exhilarating journey into the mind-bending depths of Mistville.

Meet Cateye Erika’s Electrifying Transformation

In SS4, our beloved character Cateye Erika takes center stage with an electrifying new hero trait. Witness her transformation into Lightning Shadow as she harnesses the power of Ember tech, gaining lightning-fast movement and devastating damage capabilities. Beware, for with great power comes great vulnerability. Assist Erika in her thrilling adventures as she navigates through challenges both electrifying and perilous!

By unlocking the Golden Season Pass, hunters can gain access to all heroes in the current season. This includes permanent usage rights of Erika’s new hero trait – Lightning Shadow, advanced auto loot, exclusive portrait frames, new teleport effects, and new back accessories will also be unlocked as progress is made.

Exciting Gameplay Updates

This season introduces the Divine Might Trials, a brand new endgame mode. Players must collect Divine Might Emblems from the Six Gods before entering into these deadly trials to prove their worth. Upon completion, players are rewarded with Divine Might Luminous Stones, used to exchange for valuable items at the Spacetime Wanderer’s [Gifts from the Gods]. The Heartless Bounty content is integrated into these rewards, replacing the Desire Bead from the Evil Desire Cube. Additionally, hunters can encounter the Dream Lotus in the Netherrealm, reliving Season 2’s Twinightmare gameplay to earn rewards and utilize Trait Cards and Confusion Cards to enhance their experience.

But there’s plenty more, check out the full list of changes below:

  • Multiplayer Mode is here: Team up with friends and fight together! 
  • New Season, New Appearances: A host of new gear and upgrades will be available to hunters. Check out the reveal here for more info.
  • Activation Medium System: A groundbreaking addition simplifies gameplay for mobile players with automatic triggers and support skills.
  • Skill Bar Adjustments: Enhance strategic choices with reworked passive skill slots, allowing only support skills for increased flexibility.
  • Early Game Optimization: Streamlined main story progression, Treasure Troves, and adjustments to gear drop rates for improved early game experiences.
  • In-Game Optimisation: Reduced screen sake, improved performance and improved damage number clarity. 
  • Legendary Gear Adjustments: Early to late-game gear enhancements for a more balanced and diverse experience.
  • Feature Adjustments: Build recommendation system, improved filter interface, and comprehensive Help manual for better gameplay understanding.
  • User Experience Optimizations: Smoother drop performance, streamlined item pickup, and clearer damage number displays for enhanced combat fluidity.
  • Battle Anchor Plan: This and adjustments to the Season Pactspirit Boon offer more choices for hunters, while the refreshed Pactspirit Encounter Pack provides additional value.

SS4 Anniversary Rewards

Torchlight: Infinite is almost 1-year old! To celebrate this anniversary, XD Games are offering multiple rewards for all hunters, including a free back accessory and a free SSR battle Pactspirit. All players need to do to redeem this is log in and they can claim these incredible goodies!

Season Launch Date

Mark your calendars! Torchlight: Infinite Season SS4 “Whispering Mist” goes live on April 18th at 7pm PDT, delivering an electrifying experience like never before. Enter Mistville, if you dare!

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