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‘Survival: Fountain of Youth’ Boards a Spanish Vessel, Sets Course for 1.0 May 21

1.0 adds new region, quality of life updates, and other features

LOS ANGELES – April 15, 2024 – Survival: Fountain of Youth pulls into port for 1.0 on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store on Tuesday, May 21, 2024. The 1.0 launch will debut a host of new content also coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S when the single-player management survival game set in the 16th-century Caribbean islands from developer Odinsoft and publisher Twin Sails Interactive docks onto consoles later in 2024.

The 1.0 update will add the fifth and final region of Bimini Island, a new ship, and the final boss battle. Alongside today’s announcement, new quality of life updates have been implemented including a new save system, home furniture, improved tutorial, and other features.

The legendary expedition of Juan Ponce de Leon leads to the shores of a mysterious collection of Caribbean islands, the rumored home of the Fountain of Youth. Treacherous storms leave the crew shipwrecked and scattered. Use skill and wit to establish a base of operations, craft tools, manage resources, battle wildlife, and uncover the mysteries of the mythical Fountain of Youth.

Traverse the islands with sea-faring ships and explore crumbling cliffsides to underwater temples, each offering distinct flora and fauna to identify and harvest. Collect materials to craft and upgrade tools, weapons, clothing, structures, and traps. Hunt down animals inhabiting the nearby regions from docile crabs, chickens, agouti, to dangerous jackals, jaguars, and pumas.

The teams at Odinsoft and Twin Sails have incorporated early access explorers feedback. Save progress whenever, no longer restricted by autosaves or upon exiting the title. New furniture has been added to craft and to spruce up island bases, alongside naval themed decor with the ‘Sea Wolf Pack’ DLC.  

Survivalists can expect the new region of Bimini Island, a new ship that doubles as a fully mobile base called the Ark, and a final boss with far greater killing capabilities than any of the island’s wildlife. Also accompanied by new quests, skill books, survival tasks, recipes, and the epic conclusion surrounding the Fountain of Youth when 1.0 launches.

“As huge fans of survival games, the team has passionately spent countless painstaking hours crafting a one-of-a-kind experience for other fans of the genre,” said Stas Kotrutsa, Development Lead, Odinsoft. “We have learned so much throughout early access, taken the community’s input into consideration, and are happy to share our work with the full 1.0 release.”

Survival: Fountain of Youth is available now on PC via Steam Early Access for $22.99 USD with a 25% discount, raising to $27.99 USD on April 19. 1.0 will launch simultaneously on Steam and Epic Games Store on Tuesday, May 21, with plans for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S later this year. It features Japanese, Spanish (Spain), English, French, German, Russian, and Simplified Chinese-language support, including Korean, Portuguese(Brazil), and Traditional Chinese alongside 1.0’s launch.

To learn more, visit the Survival: Fountain of Youth Steampage, follow the game on Twitter, and join the Discord to stay in the discussion.

About Twin Sails Interactive

Twin Sails Interactive is an international video game publisher, part of the Asmodee Group, an Embracer company since March 2022. Based in Paris, our team of passionate professionals partners with developers to help drive their titles to success. Originally known as a specialist of digital board-game adaptations under the name Asmodee Digital, Twin Sails expands Asmodee’s reach into original, creative titles aimed at a wide audience on PC and consoles. Following the release of the acclaimed Gloomhaven adaptation and the well-received Ember Knights, Twin Sails is publishing AA titles such as Survival: Fountain of Youth, indie gems Wantless, Innchanted, News Tower or Amberial Dreams, with more yet to be announced. 

About Odinsoft

Odinsoft is an independent game development studio based in Los Angeles, Ca. with development offices in Turkey. Composed of numerous game-industry veterans, Odinsoft seeks to create highly immersive experiences for players across the globe. Survival: Fountain of Youth is Odinsoft’s debut title.