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Super Fantasy Kingdom bids farewell to MVP original demo

160,000 wishlists later, the roguelite city builder’s original prototype hands in its badge and rides off into the sunset

April 5, 2024 – Hooded Horse and Feryaz Beer today bid farewell to a true hero – the original prototype for roguelite city-building game Super Fantasy Kingdom. It is being retired as the developer shifts focus towards main game development, including a new and improved demo that will debut later this year.

Thrown together as a proof of concept in less than a month, the original demo debuted alongside Super Fantasy Kingdom itself during TactiCon 2023, earning over 85,000 wishlists in the first three months alone. Throughout 2023, the prototype was updated over 100 times with new experimental mechanics such as a faith skill tree, new characters, reworked performance, and more. Super Fantasy Kingdom has earned over 160,000 wishlists to date, all thanks to the prototype that could.

The game is now officially in pre-alpha, with regular playtests and updates that take it in exciting new directions – slowly, the original demo is becoming less representative of the final vision. Players can stay up to date on the game’s development via the official Discord and Twitter accounts.

Super Fantasy Kingdom will be coming to early access on PC via Steam Early Access in 2024.

About Hooded Horse

Hooded Horse is a publisher of deep strategic and tactical games with people and partners worldwide. Starting in 2019 with a single title, Hooded Horse’s portfolio has grown to 29 games and counting. Our goal is to empower and support developers in doing what they love so that they can create world-class experiences for their audiences. From the distant past of Manor Lords and the haunted woods of Against the Storm, to the depths of space in Terra Invicta and Falling Frontier.

You can find out more about us on our Steam publisher page, as well as our social channels; TwitterFacebookYouTubeDiscord, and website.

About Feryaz Beer
Feryaz Beer is a solo developer from Hanover, Germany. His debut title is roguelite city builder Super Fantasy Kingdom, which is coming to Steam Early Access. He credits his dog, Mio, as co-developer – with Mio also starring in the game.

You can find out more about the game online via TwitterInstagramYouTube, and Discord.