Deke your way around the rink in the now fully released hockey game.

GHENT, BelgiumApril 11th, 2024 – Beloved ice hockey game, Slapshot: Rebound is making moves and will be launching into full release today on Steam at noon EDT/ 6 pm GMT+1. From Oddshot Games, this 1.0 update introduces the virtual hangout spot, The Pond, a new ranked season, and a matching season pass.

Line up your shot and swing your way to victory in Slapshot: Rebound. The physics-based 3v3 ice hockey game challenges players, giving them total control of their avatars on the controller or mouse and keyboard. With over 1.5 million downloads, a dedicated player base, and three community-run regional esports leagues, Slapshot: Rebound looks to continue its steady track record.

See You At The Pond

Mingle with other slappers at The Pond, a freeplay open lobby that is available as part of the full release. Previously only accessible through custom lobbies, The Pond can now be joined while queued up for a match or loaded into directly. Pass the time with friends and community members with casual play, or keep those fingers warmed up between matches. Alongside a standard ice hockey rink, an air hockey rink, two target practice areas, and a sumo minigame are available for play. 

The Inaugural Season

With the 1.0 update, Season 1 has also begun. A soft reset to skill rating has been implemented as part of the new Ranked season, while unranked players can play 10 matches to receive their initial ranking. Slappers can grind their way to the top and stake a claim in the refreshed Top 50 regional and worldwide leaderboards. Daily tasks are also available to progress along the accompanying Season 1 pass, with over 50 new cosmetic items unlockable across the free and premium tracks.

Additional Features:

  • Climb the ranks with Quick Play – Pit yourself against other slappers in your region and improve your skill rating.
  • Hone your skills in Practice mode – Execute timed and open drills to improve movement and shooting accuracy in goalie practice and one-timer shooting, or test your progress in a scrimmage against bots.
  • Let loose with custom lobbies – Play a pick-up game with friends or explore game modes like dodgepuck and freeze tag while manipulating settings like gravity and speed for a unique experience.
  • Check out your player profile – Review your season match history and get the numbers on your career stats like win rate, shot %, and goals.
  • Revisit the Pre-Season Pass – Continue your progression along the Pre-Season pass’ free track or purchase the premium track to access more rewards.
  • Customize your Slapatar – Tailor your fit and show off that silky flow on the ice.

Slapshot: Rebound is free to play and available for download on Steam.


About Oddshot Games

Oddshot Games is an indie game development and publishing studio founded in 2020. Headquartered in Belgium, they have expanded their team worldwide and focus on community-driven games that encourage cooperation, competition, and communication. Learn more about them and their work at https://oddshot.gg/.